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The chaplaincy is centrally located, right at the heart of the campus, between Senate House and the Arts Centre.
  • The main entrance to the chaplaincy is via the red doors along the passageway behind the Arts Centre.
  • The Brothers' entrance to the Islamic Prayer Hall is located within the courtyard of Senate House, behind the trees and up the second ramp.
  • The Sisters' entrance to the Islamic Prayer Hall is located at the back of Senate House, next to the spiral staircase, opposite the Modern Records Centre .

Chaplaincy from the air - Google Earth image

Google maps image:

Multi Faith Prayer Rooms
  • Westwood Campus - Avon building, ground floor WA0.17.
  • Gibbet Hill Campus - Biomedical Research & Medical School, ground floor B048.


Central Chaplaincy entrance


IPH Brothers' entrance


IPH Sisters' entrance