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Ramadan in Lockdown

A message from our Muslim Chaplain

Dear Warwick Community

As the blessed month of Ramadan draws to a close, I'm sure those observing this month of fasting will undoubtedly agree that the impact of our current times has made for a truly unique experience this year round.

However, such times will indeed have enabled each and every one of us to introspect and reflect on the true essence of some of the qualities Ramadan seeks to imbue such as, patience, empathy, selflessness, compassion, and above all being grateful for even the smallest of God's mercies.

I hope and pray that we have all managed to spiritually stockpile from this Ramadan enough to carry us through to the next, and I would like to wish all those celebrating Eid ul Fitr this weekend a joyous and happy Eid. With best wishes and prayers,

Shaykh Imran.

A reflection on Ramadan during Lockdown, from a member of WMG staff.

Thinking about Ramadan during lockdown was tough – it has meant no Iftar gatherings, no prayers at mosque and not even being able to fly back home and share the holy precious moments with family.

As the days went by, I started to notice the real beauty behind that, how spiritual it is to self isolate and worship Allah in a more meaningful way. I began to reflect on Islam in a much deeper and broader way, to look for the actual deeds that heal us as humans, such as helping neighbours during these tough days, as much as possible trying to role model Prophet Mohamed. I’ve been able to take the opportunity to study the character of Prophet Mohamed, prophet Jesus, Moussa and other messengers. 

I started a journey where I had to focus on choosing one bad habit to get rid of and one good habit to gain, which turned out to be a very good practice to take a step closer to Allah. I wouldn’t say that I don’t miss our Iftar gathering, however the inner peace I felt during that journey, and the knowledge I gained were both priceless.

The rewards we could take from a prayer at mosque are huge, but the value we take from encouraging ourselves every night to do our night prayers alone, to recite and live with Qur’an definitely leads to serenity, a focus on your relationship with Allah and the faith that Allah is the greatest and Allah is gonna end those hard times for us.

I hope next Ramadan finds the world in a better place. And I hope I will carry on all the good habits I gained this Ramadan forward to the one after and beyond!

A message for our Muslim students during lockdown, from our Muslim Chaplain

Dear students, may the peace and blessings of the Almighty be upon you all, especially during this blessed month of Ramadan. It is indeed the month of patience, a time to show compassion, to increase in charitable acts, and to encourage and be there for one another.

I know it can't be easy to put in a productive session of study and revision whilst fasting, even more so when contending with a global pandemic which will indubitably make such a challenge all the more testing. However, I know that you will take much solace and strength in the words of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) who said that ‘nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.’

With Best Wishes and Prayers,

Shaykh Imran.