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Quakers: Background

The full name for Quakers is 'The Religious Society of Friends', often just called 'Friends'. Quakerism was founded by George Fox over 350 years ago during the political and religious turmoil of the English Civil War. It developed within the Christian tradition, though there are also now many Friends who do not have orthodox Christian beliefs.

One of the central beliefs of Quakers is often expressed as 'seeking to recognise that of God in everyone'. Quakers have a 'peace testimony', a strong tradition of opposition to war, and the Society of Friends is involved in a range of peace building and conflict resolution initiatives. We try to make our lives and work witness our other 'testimonies' of truth and of integrity, simplicity, of the earth and the environment.


  • Quakers in Britain website.
  • Quaker Faith and Practice including Advices and Queries 
  • Quakers in Encore (University of Warwick Library catalogue).
    As of the 6th April 2016 Encore includes: 96 print books, 33 e-books, 2 online bibliographies, 1 video, 410 other e-resources (digitised historical content).
  • Living Our Beliefs is an e-resource exploring the faith and practice of Quakers complied and edited in partnership with young Quakers. It includes the thoughts and feelings of young people from across Britain. There are video clips relating to favourite passages in Quaker Faith and Practice and playlists of favourite music (Spotify or Deezer).