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Islamic Prayer Space January and February 2016


Improvements to the space in the Islamic Prayer Hall start on Monday 14th December. They are now expected to continue until the end of term 2, March 2016.

At the end of this time, there will be improved ablution facilities and a more comfortable space for congregation. Whilst the works are carried out, the ablution facilities are closed and temporary access for all is through the Sisters' entrance.

Ablution facilities cannot be provided though so please perform ablutions before arriving for prayer.


The Islamic Prayer Hall will be completely closed on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March for final works on the prayer space to be carried out.

Alternative prayer space has been made available on both days in the Humanities Department.

Brothers Prayer Space: H003 (Humanities, Ground Floor)

Sisters Prayer Space: H002 (Humanities, Ground Floor

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Building work on campus will disrupt the existing Islamic prayer spaces

How can I keep up to date?

We are working on communicating the changes in a number of ways. This website will provide comprehensive details of the changes to prayer spaces as well as a little detail of why the University has embarked on these works.

You can also keep up to date through various social media platforms, such as the Islamic Society's Facebook page and our dedicated Twitter feed.

Questions, comments or concerns?

Please feel free to contact the Chaplaincy Office who will be happy to receive any feedback on the spaces. Email us: chaplaincy at warwick dot ac dot uk