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Information for Staff

Person holding coffee cupChaplaincy for Staff

We work together to serve the whole University staff, academics and professional services staff, and we are all available to talk with confidentially and independently. When we’re on campus, you can find us in the Chaplaincy building next to Senate House on Central Campus. Chaplains are happy to travel though, so do invite us to your department or nearest café if that feels most comfortable.


What we offer

We believe that all members of staff at the University of Warwick deserve time and care. We are here to provide space for you to be able to share pressure points, to help facilitate wellbeing, to be alongside you in any challenging circumstance that you find yourself in, and to support you in whatever way we can.

We offer:

  • An independent ear: Chaplains are here to listen and support staff through difficulties at work
  • Support for the supporters: those who care for the wellbeing of our students need support themselves. Chaplains can provide confidential space to be heard and supported.
  • Spiritual conversations: whatever your beliefs or spirituality, Chaplains are delighted to discuss the broader questions of life and meaning and to help you find the support you need to keep asking questions and exploring.


Sudden bereavements

Coping with the death of a colleague or student you worked alongside or had a responsibility of care towards, can be exceptionally difficult, and can have a significant impact on all concerned.

Chaplains have experience of walking with Heads of Departments, Personal Tutors, Wellbeing support staff and others, providing support to those who are doing their best to communicate well, respect the wishes of family and honour the memory of the person who has died.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You are welcome to contact Chaplains directly or you can fill out our short enquiry form and we arrange for a Chaplain to get in contact with you.