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May 2019- Warwick Holiday Scheme booking form payment/part payment by childcare vouchers

Please complete a separate booking form for each child and note that you will not be able to save the form and return to it later or make any changes to your booking online once it is submitted.

Personal details

If your child has a medical condition/special educational need/ special dietary requirement that needs to be discussed in more detail with a member of staff please email to arrange a meeting. We will make all reasonable adjustments to accommodate your child needs.

February Dates

Please select which dates you would like to book. If you do not require a certain day please leave blank.

All day=8am-6pm
AM session= 8am-1pm
PM session= 12pm-6pm

Cost and payment

Please select the correct dropdown box that is appropriate to your booking.

UNIVERSITY DISCOUNT- Applicable to University staff and students only. Offer is available until Sunday 28th April 2019.

Applicable to external members and University members (after 28th April 2019) who have paid full price for their first child. The sibling sessions cannot exceed the original booking but can be used for multiple siblings.
Please enter the value of your childcare vouchers below and make arrangements to send these to the Nursery. If you are making a part-payment, please send the remittance to so we can raise an invoice for the outstanding balance. If you are paying in full using vouchers, you WILL NOT require an invoice. For further details please see the ‘Everything You need to Know’ document on the ‘post booking’ section of the website.

Authorised collection

Other than yourself, whom do you give permission to collect your child and to be contacted in an emergency on your behalf.
First authorised person (must be 16+)
Second authorised person (must be over 16)


Once you click ‘Make booking’ you will not be permitted to make any amendments to your booking. If you have any difficulties using this form, please email:
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
The University of Warwick will process your personal data as captured within this registration form for the purpose(s) of registering your child for the University of Warwick’s Holiday Scheme services. Your personal data will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties external to the University of Warwick. Your personal data will not be transferred outside of the EEA, will be kept securely by the University of Warwick and will be retained until your child’s 15th birthday. You do however have the right to request that we remove your data at any point. If this is your intention please email The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of this information and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. Please visit the University’s Data Protection web pages for further information in relation to your rights and how the University processes your personal data. The University’s Data Protection Officer, A Bajaj, can be contacted through:"> and any requests or complaints should be made in writing to the University’s Data Protection Officer.