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Press Cuttings – October 13 – October 19

Press Cuttings – October 13 – October 19

CBS New York
- Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, WMS, have found the mental health and wellbeing is highest in people who eat seven portions of fruit and veg a day
Also in Hindu
Oman Observer
South Wales Argus
Sunday Times

Washington Examiner

Irish Independent
- Professor Stephen Roper, WBS, has found state aid helps manufacturing firms grow by funding development of new products
Also in Business World

Public Sector Europe
- Comment piece by Professor Nick Crafts, Economics, on UK economic growth

Science Blog
- Professor Sharun Mukand, Economics, comments on immigration

Straits Times
- Singapore Institute of Management Global Education has partnered with Warwick on two programmes in response to the growing demand for supply chain and logistics professionals in Singapore

Wall Street Journal
- Professor Franco Cappuccio and Michelle Miller, WMS, comment on new sleep research which has found lack of sleep disturbs the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin efficiently

- Warwick is to host a new £92 million National Automotive Innovation Campus following an announcement from Chancellor George Osborne
Also in Daily Telegraph
Financial Times

BBC Focus
Professor Robin Ball, Physics, has won the Ig Nobel prize for his research into ponytails. Professor Richard Aldrich, Politics, is mentioned for his expertise into spying
Also in European Biotechnology News

- Dr Veronica Wilkie, WMS, is involved in a developing a new strategy for GPs at all stages in their careers

- Comment piece by Professor Martin Underwood, WMS, on clinical trial outcomes

Chemistry and Industry
- Warwick is involved in the pan-European research project FreeCats, which aims to identify carbon compounds that could replace rare metals and toxic materials used as catalysts

Chemistry and Industry
- Greg Challis, Chemistry, comments on new research that has found an enzyme in the bacterium that causes potato scab can catalyse an aromatic nitration reaction

Daily Mail
- Dr Karl Olah, WMS, comments about the dangers of using oxytocin on patients

Daily Mirror
- A study by Warwick has found only one in four vacancies offers full-time, day-time work and that 66 people are applying for each post in the retail sector
Also in Blackpool Gazette
Bradford Argus
Jersey Post
Lancashire Post
South Wales Argus
York Press
Yorkshire Post

Daily Telegraph
- Warwick has been ranked 124th in world rankings

FSTE Global Markets
- Professor Tobias Preis, WBS, has finished a study which found having a diverse portfolio of shares is bad during a downtown

- Feature on educational buildings and the benefits/pitfalls they come with. Mentions VC Professor Nigel Thrift's comments recently about 50 research intense universities

- Professor Roger Gadsby, WMS, comments on new diabetes therapies

- Don Pollacco, Physics, comments about a new planet discovery

- Article on university funding and closer partnerships, including Warwick and Monash

- Letter to the editor warning against a badger cull, signed by Professors Matt Keeling and Graham Medley

- Professor Christopher James, IDH, is examining applications for brain-to-brain communication

- Professor Ann Caesar, Italian, comments about the importance of language

Jewish Chronicle
- MRC has digitised documents written in Yiddish

- Comment piece by Professor Roger Gadsby, WMS, on prescribing for type 2 diabetes in the elderly

PV Magazine
- The UK government has announced plans for a new £13 million Energy Storage R&D Centre at the University of Warwick.

- Professor Keith Grint, WBS, spoke at the Scottish Learning Festival on leadership

Solar Panel Portal
- Professor Tim Jones, Physics, and Molecular Solar have developed flexible, low-cost solar cells which could be used on mobile electronic devices
Also in Clean Technica

Times - Professor Mark Taylor, WBS, contributes to a feature on the future of MBAs
Also in Coventry Telegraph
Midlands Business News

- Professor Sarah Moss, English, comments on the sexism of the Great British Bake Off

- Robin Wensley, WBS, has been made director of the Advanced Institute of Management Research

- Professor Andrew Coats has been appointed as academic vice-president and director of the Warwick Monash alliance

Your Family Tree
- The MCR holds the Trade Union records

Birmingham Mail
- Medical expert Dr Oliver Sacks is to become a visiting academic at Warwick. Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nigel Thrift comments
Also in Coventry Telegraph

Birmingham Post
- Lord Bhattacharyya, WMG, writes a comment piece on industrial policy

Birmingham Post
- Birmingham is following in Warwick’s footsteps in trying to build links with US HEIs

Business Desk - WMG is collaborating with a host of companies to encourage young people to take up engineering

Coventry Observer
- Professor Siobhan Quenby, WMS, has been shortlisted for the Health Service Journal's Clinical Leader of the Year

Coventry Telegraph
= WMS students have given a talk at King Edward VI College about careers in medicine
Also in Nuneaton News

Coventry Telegraph
- Professor Peter Abrahams, WMS, and his team have been shortlisted for the THE Awards for their 3D tool to teach anatomy

Coventry Telegraph
- An NHS helpline for mental health services is braced for an upturn in calls because of new students living away from home for the first time

Coventry Telegraph
- Stagecoach are investing £1.6 million into a new fleet of buses to serve the University
Also in Coach and Bus

Leamington Courier - WBS students worked on a project last year to examine what benefits there would be to Kenilworth if the Castle mere was flooded
Also in Kenilworth Weekly News

Stoke Sentinel - Chancellor Sir Richard Lambert has met with some secondary school pupils