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Press Cuttings – October 20 – October 26

Press Cuttings – October 20 – October 26

- Michael Orton, Economics, has found the poorest 20 % of UK households pay 5.6% of income on council tax, three times more than the wealthiest 20%

China Daily
- Article on business and university partnerships, mentioning Warwick's link up with Rover in the 80s

EFY Times
- Professor Tim Jones, Chemistry, and Molecular Solar have developed flexible, low-cost solar cells which could be used on mobile electronic devices

El Siglo (Mexico)
- A Warwick study found people are happier married than single

Guatemala Times
- Comment piece by Lord Skidelsky, Economics, on why governments are turning away from GDP and towards national happiness
Also in E Kantipur
JoongAng Daily
Kids Prefer Cheese, , English Caijing

Indian Express
- Professor Chris James, WMG, has delivered a lecture on brain-computer interface

International Herald Tribune
- Chancellor Sir Richard Lambert comments on the euro zone crisis

- Article on MBAs, naming WBS as a top school

Montrose24 Blog
- Chancellor Sir Richard Lambert chaired a recent workshop in London for headteachers and academics

Post and Courier
- Professor Franco Cappuccio and Michelle Miller, WMS, comment on new sleep research which has found lack of sleep disturbs the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin efficiently

Wall Street Journal
- Dr Sue Bridgewater, WBS, comments in an article about football managers

- Professor James Mitchell, WBS, comments on the latest GDP figures
Also in Business Desk
Daily Telegraph

Cosmetics International
- Professor Robin Ball, Physics, has won the Ig Nobel prize for his research into ponytails

Daily Mail
- Professor Nick Crafts, Economics, is mentioned in an comment piece about austerity
Also in Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
- WBS estimate living costs of between £9,000 and £13,500 on top of course fees in excess of £20,000 for students

Daily Telegraph
- A spokesperson for WBS comments on distance learning MBAs

-WMG and Bosch Healthcare have created the IDL Learning Lab to research digital healthcare technology
Also in Birmingham Post
Coventry Telegraph
eHealth Insider
Mobi Health News

- Don Pollacco, Physics, is leading the CHEOPS project in the UK

Green Car Website - Warwick is to host a new £92 million National Automotive Innovation Campus following an announcement from Chancellor George Osborne

Green Futures
- Andrew Marsh, Chemistry, is leading the Cold Water Cleaning Initiative, which has found nanodiamonds are effective in helping rid clothes of stains

Healthy Food Guide
- Dr Stefan Bon, Chemistry, has found a way of replacing half the content of fat in chocolate with fruit juice

House Magazine
- Lloyds Banking Group is working with WMG to create a training programme for bank managers

- Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, WMS, have found the mental health and wellbeing is highest in people who eat seven portions of fruit and veg a day

- Paul Dorfman, WBS, comments on government plans to pay for new nuclear plants in the UK
Also in Gulf Times
North Wales Daily
Western Press

ITS International
- WMG is to house the new UK Energy Storage R&D Centre

Jewish Chronicle
- MRC has digitised documents written in Yiddish

- William O'Brian, Law, comments on the row between the NUS and George Galloway

Mail on Sunday
Monica Giulietti, WBS, comments on government proposals to force energy companies to offer customers the cheapest tariffs

New Statesman
- Warwick students have held the Warwick International Development Summit

- Review of Professor Andrew Williams, Law, new book A Very British Killing - The Death of Baha Mousa

- Feature on 3D printing and the work being done at WMG

- Dave Cooper, WMG, contributes to a feature on materials science and 3D printing

- Report on a speech by David Willetts made at Warwick on business schools

- Professor Steve Fuller, Sociology, writes a review on a new academic book on religion

- Feature on legislation to open India to foreign universities still unforthcoming. Mentioning WMGs link up with IIT

University Caterer
- Warwick has been ranked the top digital savvy university in the UK

Aberdeen Journal =- A Warwick scientist has helped out Food Unwrapped, Channel 4, for a feature on Mayonnaise

Brentwood Gazette
- Student Megan Blunt was invited to the Women of the Year Lunch in recognition of her charity work

Bury Times - A Warwick study has found families that own a dog have less days off school and work

Coventry Telegraph
- Iggy has officially launched its website

Coventry Telegraph
- Professor Louise Campbell, History of Art, is to give a talk on Sir Basil Spence, Coventry Cathedral's architect

Coventry Telegraph
- Letter to the editor about students cycling around Warwick

Coventry Telegraph
- Christopher Andrew, Keith Jeffery and Chris Moran, Politics, are to take part in a debate about the world of 'spooks'

Coventry Telegraph
- Feature on the postponed badger cull, mentioning Professor Matt Keeling and Professor Graham Medley's opposition to the cull

Coventry Telegraph
- Students at Warwick have taken part in organising a charity dinner

Kenilworth Weekly News - A new cycle route is being opened, linking Kenilworth and Warwick

Lancashire Post
- Deputy Registrar Nicola Owen to joining Lancaster University as Chief Administrative Officer

Leamington Courier - Letter to the editor about plans o reignite this story - WBS students worked on a project last year to examine what benefits there would be to Kenilworth if the Castle mere was flooded

Yorkshire Post
- Professor Tobias Preis, WBS, has finished a study which found having a diverse portfolio of shares is bad during a downtown