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Press Summary 27 July – 2 August

Press Summary 27 July – 2 August


Albuquerque Express - Mention of research by the University into the eating habits of starfish.

Also in: Truth Dive, Africa Leader, Toronto Express, India Vision, Fiji News, Zee News

Al Arabiya – Former Warwick academic Dr Hellyer, discusses the on-going issues in Egypt

Al Jazeera – Professor Dieter Wolke, WMS, comments about a new study by Warwick researchers who found preterm babies to show bonding difficulties

Also in – Bio-Medicine, Examiner, Science Daily, Health Canal, News Medical, Medical Xpress, Psych Central, Innovations Report,

Asian Age – Research by Dr Mark Johnson, WBS, into how Wimbledon tennis balls travel 50,570 miles to reach centre court 

BBC China – A piece about MSc in Finance, mentions Warwick for its Masters courses

Before it’s News – Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, co-authored a study into the relationship between happiness and productivity in the workplace

Bloomberg – Professor Christian Stadler, WBS, comments on the new chief of Siemens

Also in: International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Zimbio

Deccan Herald – Dr Paul Neve, Life Sciences, discusses new research into the combat of weeds

Defense News – Professor Christopher Hughes, PAIS, comments about the latest Japan / China conflict

East Money (China) – Mention of WMG’s virtual engineering partnership with JLR

El Pris – Bernardo Recaman, Graduate, talks about teaching mathematics in Columbia

Gather - Warwick University scientists are one of three institutions said to have conducted experiments on animals in order to find treatments for illnesses

Gulf News – Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, co-authored a study into the relationship between high homeownership and unemployment 

Harvard Business Review – Mention of Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, research into how people with higher status live longer

Inside Higher Ed - Former Warwick Registrar, Jon Baldwin, is mentioned following higher education regulator, TEQSA’s announcement of new streamlined approval processes

Leadership (Nigeria) – Dr Tahir Mamman, Masters Graduate, is retiring from Nigerian Law School after being Director General for 8 years

Latin – Research by Warwick found a lack of sleep could cause weight gain

Linkek - Julian Amey, WMG, comments on a study into good supply chain organization

Medical Technology Business Europe - Professor Mark Pallen, WMS, led a team of researchers in a discovery of TB DNA from a 215 year old mummy

Natural News – Scientists at Warwick have discovered that eating strawberries has significant health benefits

Also In: Atlanta Star

Pharmacy Choice – Professor Gerry McGivern, WBS, comments about his study into the need of more compassionate leadership teams in the NHS

Storage – New technology that instantly pushes notifications to the Home-Monitor mobile phone app, features research by WBS

Telecom Finance – Professor Ronald Klingebiel, WBS, comments on the European Union’s stated intention to develop a pan-European telecoms market

The Atlantic Wire – A piece on the use of hemp in products, mentions the race car developed by Warwick students in 2007

The Daily Star – An in depth piece about Monash University’s campus mentions the Warwick / Monash partnership

The Journal of Biological Chemistry – Graham Ladds, Chemistry, was co-author on a study into the physiologically required GPCR - RGS interaction that compartmentalizes RGS activity

The Moscow Times – Professor Lord Robert Skidelsky, Economics, comments on legalising gay marriage

The Nation – A piece about IGGY and merit students gaining free membership to Warwick

Also in: The International News, Business Recorder

The Nation – Visiting fellow Titipol Phakdeewanich, Globalisation and Regionalisation, writes a piece about the next stage of Thai and US friendship

The New Nation – The University of Warwick awarded a certificate to Beximco Textiles LTD for its successful completion of Training & Promotion of female operators in the Bangladesh RMG sector

The Suburban – Researchers at the University have analysed the eating habits of 80,000 people and found those that ate more fruit and vegetables rated themselves as significantly happier than those who ate lesser amounts

The Times of India – Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, discusses research about the positive effects women have on men

Also in: Business Weekly (China), Les Affaires

The Times of Malta – Professor Thomas Docherty, English, was part of a panel formed in order to discuss the future of Humanities

Theramatch – Researchers from Warwick have found nursing babies triggers off the ‘trust’ hormone in women

University Business - A feature on UK education discusses Warwick’s educational research and the Warwick / Monash alliance. International Press Officer for Warwick, Anna Blackaby comments

Yahoo! Health – A study into women’s support during labour, lists Warwick as one of the institutions who helped fund the research



Broadcast – Researchers at the University have made a significant step in High Dynamic Range (HDR) which is a technique of capturing a far wider range of colour and lighting detail than is currently possible 

Coach Monthly – Johnsons Coach Travel won gold at this year’s corporate games held at the University

IT Analysis – Mention of research by WBS into how many emails the average worker sends every week

Liverpool FC Monthly – Mention of Steve Heighway, Graduate, who played for LFC in 1970

Midlands Business Insider – Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, WMG, features in an article about Indo-British partnerships

Network Communication News – Ken Hodge, Graduate, talks about cabling a large network 

Nursing Standard – Kate Seers, Research Institute, has been awarded a doctor of science qualification from the University in recognition of her work investigating acute and chronic pain

Oxford University Press Blog – Professor Bill Fulford, WMS, comments on the National Institute of Mental Health’s Research Domain Criteria Programme – Mention of research by the University into the eating habits of starfish

Also in: Science Codex

Politics – Professor Matthew Watson, PAIS, and Celia Lury, CIM, have been appointed under the Professional Fellowship scheme at the ESRC

Also in: ESRC, Wired

Post Magazine – Mention of research by WBS into how companies perform after being taken over

Times Higher Education – The University of Warwick feature in a report published about how many students are predicted to gain a degree within the next seven years

Times Higher Education – Mention of Honorary Professor Fred Inglis article about Universities’ infatuation with marketing and branding

The Catholic Times – Warwick is mentioned in a piece about the need for modernisation of the Conservative Party

The Times – Professor Peter Abrahams, WMS, talks about the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition which is taking place in Edinburgh

Also in: The Mail on Sunday, Press and Journal (Aberdeen), Daily Record, Artlyst, STV News, Herald Scotland, The Scotsman,

The Financial Times – A piece on the history of the cotton industry discusses the book ‘Cotton –A fabric that made our world’ by Professor Giorgio Riello, History

The Financial Times – Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, discusses how the rise in home ownership could increase the rate of unemployment

The Independent – A feature on the importance of taking risks with enterprise features a report published by Warwick about mid-market companies

The Independent – Warwick student, Louise Taylor discusses some student’s attitudes towards elective modules

The Straits Times – Mentions WMG in an article about boosting the manufacturing sector

The Sunday Times – Assistant Professor Michael Scott featured on a programme about the X Tombs in Rome

The Weekly News – Researchers at the University have developed a gene test that can detect post-natal depression

Works Management - A detailed account about Jaguar’s £1.4million funding plans for WMG’s automotive campus. Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, WMG, comments

Also in:,


Birmingham Post – Professor Lord Kumar Bhattcharyya, WMG, talks about the structure of healthcare in the UK

Birmingham Post – Maurice Casidy, Technical Director of Barkley Plastics, mentions that WMG are at the cutting edge of new processes and technologies

Coventry Telegraph - Siglead Europe has moved into Warwick Science Park to carry out research into failing computer data storage devices

Coventry Telegraph –WMG Academy director, Dr Richard Hutchins, comments after WMG Academy are formally endorsed by the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP)

Also in: The Business Desk

Dorset Daily Echo – Dorset Police have joined forces with the University’s Department of Psychology to encourage people to be more attentive drivers on the road 

Oldham Evening Chronicle – Twins Michael and Mark Arrowsmith, both graduated with firsts in Mathematics from Warwick

Also In: Coventry Telegraph, Manchester Evening News

Stratford Upon Avon Herald - Professor Michael Rosenthal, History of Art, was one of the curators at a new art exhibition in Warwickshire

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner – Warwick is listed as part of the Russell Group in a piece about students from poor backgrounds studying at the UK’S top universities