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Clinical Trials Unit case study

Screenshots from Toxic Clinical Trails Unit video

The brief

Create a 15 minute DVD to help supplement a study focussing on helping people with long term chronic pain. The goal was to persuade people to reduce their levels of medication.

The study needed materials that people could take away with them after attending a course.

The work

Working with the team at Warwick’s Clinical Trials Unit, we developed the script and cast actors opposite real consultants and doctors to get a genuine feel. Some of the scenes were improvised and captured with three camera rigs. Others were scripted and shot with a single camera following the storyboards.

Together the final DVD comprised of three films. When combined, the narrative showed people going through the process of giving up or cutting down their medication.

Sourced actors

Script development

DVD production


Take away DVD for attendees of pain management course.

The result

Filming lasted two and half days and created three short films around the main topic. The films were well received and generated further work with the client.

The process of creating the videos also helped the client fulfil their remit to engage with the public on the study.

Still from video showing woman talking to a doctor.

Still from video.

Animation showing acute and chronic pain.

Animation featured in final video.