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The Slate space, capacities and layout

Examples of the layouts, capacities and sizes for The Slate.

Please note: these layouts are just examples of what is possible within The Slate. If the require a different layout to what is shown, please get in touch.

  whole room
space 1 (large)
space 2 (small)
drinks reception only 400 400 200
(standing only)
theatre (VR explore) 400 300 245
theatre with 8m back projection 400 upon request upon request
classroom 200 110 84
classroom with 8m back projection 160 90 70
cabaret (VR explore) 352 192 128
cabaret with 8m back projection 272 150 92
exhibition 400 upon request upon request
lunch-dinner only 400 240 160
dinner dance 400 240 160

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