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Therapy Group for Staff

Please be aware that there is now a comprehensive service available to all staff through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service, offered through Health Assured. This is designed to 'help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health and general wellbeing'.

Please be assured that any appointments with the University Counselling Service (new or ongoing) that are already scheduled in will, of course, be honoured. Indeed, we will hold the service open to new registrations through to the end of June 2019 for those staff who may specifically want to have counselling with the University Counselling Service in July and August.

What is a therapy group?

A therapy group offers an opportunity to address a wide range of personal life issues around themes such as relationships, personal direction, self and identity. A therapy group can be useful for those who are interested in reflecting on and exploring the difficulties or stumbling blocks that can impede their ability to relate, act, think and to feel fully alive and who feel they have something to give as well as receive in a group setting. Therapy groups are long-term, ongoing opportunities to develop insight and effect change around issues which are not able to be resolved quickly. The format is generally unstructured but facilitated by an experienced group facilitator who helps keep the focus and boundaries of the group.

What can you get out of a therapy group?

Groups offer the chance to ‘see yourself through the eyes of others’, to reflect, explore and consider new insights about yourself and others. Through engaging with the discussions in the group and observing what others do each week, you can reflect upon and analyse your relationships with one another and develop deeper understanding about your own behaviours and relating.

Key benefits of a therapy group:

A therapy group can offer

  • a stable, regular, emotionally contained environment to explore issues
  • a chance to engage in open, authentic communication with others
  • a space to experience feelings that may arise that can be processed over time
  • an opportunity to be with other group members who can share experiences, whether similar or different
  • an option to explore and process difficulties in relating

NB Group therapy can be extremely rewarding but it can be challenging and group members need to have the personal emotional resources to tolerate some uncertainty and frustration and a capacity to commit to engage in the process.

What a therapy group is it not:

Therapy groups are not places to make social friends, develop mentors or buddies, nor are they support groups (which tend have a common shared concern and aim to provide each other with comfort, encouragement and advice and sometimes promote support and contact within group members between and beyond group meetings).

Where and when does the therapy group meet?

Therapy groups meet in the spacious group room in the University Counselling Service at Westwood House. Therapy groups meet weekly, with negotiated breaks throughout the calendar year.

Date and time: Thursdays 5.15pm - 6.45pm .

There is a minimum commitment to attend 5 consecutive sessions initially.

Who will be in the group?

The group facilitator from the University Counselling Service team and (up to) eight members of staff from the University of Warwick. The group is open to all staff, at any level, from any department. NB with regard to confidentiality, great care is taken to ensure confidentiality is respected at all times. This is discussed fully in the individual pre group meeting.

I’m interested: You will need to complete an online form to register then the CS Administrator will contact you by email to set up a pre-group meeting with the group facilitator to discuss how the group works and whether or not the group could work for you.