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Therapy Group for 22 year olds and over

Therapy Group for 22 year olds and over

What is the format?

The group is made up of no more than 8 people and meets every Thursday afternoon at 3.00pm for 1 and a half hours. The group runs throughout the year with short breaks in vacations.

Where does the group meet?

The groups meet in a room in the UCS (University Counselling Service) at Westwood House.

Who will be there? Others like you, who from time to time experience difficulties or stumbling blocks that can impede their ability to relate, act, think and to feel fully alive and who feel they have something to give as well as receive in a group setting.

How will it work? A small number of people (no more than 8) will commit themselves to meet on a weekly basis to share their experiences, both past and present, in a confidential setting with a group facilitator. For the longer group, the commitment will be for a minimum of 12 group sessions to give people time to use the group and experience the full benefits.

We spend most of our life in groups, including families, on campus in our accommodation and in our year groups etc. A big part of being at University is to develop relationships.

The more integrated you are into university life, the more able you will be to handle the relationships and the greater awareness of yourself in these relationships, the more likely you will be able to sustain your experience and be effective.

Within the therapy group you have a chance to see yourself through the eyes of others. You will gain new insights about yourself and others through the work others do in the group you will gain insight about your behaviour and relationships. You can reflect upon and analyse your relationships with one another.

Being in the group helps you to develop a language to express yourself, and the group enables you to become more fully yourself in reciprocity with others.

The group may help you to feel less isolated: “It is not just me who feels like this….”

The group will be able to say things an individual Therapist might not be able to say, like a sharing of the members own experiences.

The group will offer a safe environment for you to explore and be open in authentic communication.

The group provides an environment where trust builds over a period of time becoming a place where vulnerabilities can be acknowledged and worked with. Individuals will bring their own experiences to the group, both present and past and this material is worked with in the group in an attempt to understand and integrate the experience. You are therefore expected to listen to others and offer support as well as the other way around, you will receive support.

Commitment to regular attendance is vital to allow trust to build up within the group.

Group therapy can be very rewarding but it can be challenging and you will need to have the personal resources to tolerate uncertainty and frustration.

For more details see Thinking of yourself as a group member  

I’m interested: You will need to complete an online form to submit an 'enquiry' through . Simply click 'make an enquiry'; click 'counselling for emotional or psychological issues', click 'I'm interested in group therapy', scroll down and click 'submit enquiry' then one of the administrators will contact you by email to set up a pre-group meeting with the group facilitator to discuss how the group works and whether or not the group could work for you.


Read a vignette to give you an impression of what it may be like in a therapy group