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Managing Worry through Mindfulness

 The next Mindfulness Workshop facilitated by Counsellor: Anthea will be held on date to be confirmed Click to register your interest for any future workshop date

Outline of the Workshop:  

Do we always need to engage with our worry thoughts?  Anxiety is part of life. Sometimes it can begin to take over our life and affect our functioning. Learning to give ourselves permission to take time out for ourselves to just BE, to relax, to ground ourselves in the here and now instead of always worrying about tomorrow is a discipline that can prove worthwhile.

Mindfulness is based on cognitive therapy which combines a form of Eastern meditation. Mindfulness is the ability to concentrate on present moment awareness.  It is about intentionally becoming aware of our bodies and mind and the world about us whilst not making judgements about what we experience.  When our minds are constantly occupied we feel disconnected from ourselves and our immediate environment.  This blocks our attempts to deal with anxiety and distress.  Being aware in the present allows us to disengage the automatic pilot of constant busyness and doing.  It frees the mind to respond rather than react to life's challenges.  This workshop is especially good if you suffer with anxiety.


All workshops will be held in Westwood House on the Westwood Campus.   For more details, contact the Secretary, Trudy Haywood, on 024 7652 3761, internal extension 23761 or call in at the Secretary's desk, Westwood House.   

All workshops are designed and facilitated by counsellors from the UCS team.