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Sexual Orientation, Romantic Orientation and Gender Identity Group

  Title     Sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity group
  Who is it for?   Students who would like to think, together with others, about their identity in relation to either their sexual orientation, romantic orientation and/or their gender. We welcome people who identify as LGBTUA+ and those who do not necessarily self-define in these terms.
  • Broad topics covered will be self-identity, cultural expectations, relationships with family and others, and experiences of being in groups
  • More specific topics covered will be shaped by the priorities of the group members.
  • Sessions will include creative and discussion based activities
  What will I get out of this?    
  • An opportunity to reflect and learn more about yourself in relation to your sexual orientation, romantic orientation and/or gender identity in a dedicated, confidential space
  • An opportunity to connect and share feelings and experiences with others
  Led by       Fran Lampert - Counsellor
  Questions     Contact the Counselling Service Administrators by email at or call 024765 23761
  Dates     NB Due to limited take up, this group will not be running next term. We will continue to review the situation and hope to provide such a group in future. This will be a semi- structured closed group, run over 4 sessions during term time. Participants will need to be able to commit to attending all 4 sessions. Once you have registered your interest in this group you will be contacted to arrange a pre-group discussion. This will be an opportunity for you and the group facilitator to discuss what the group might be like for you and to consider whether joining the group will be suitable for you at this time.  
  Location     Upon arrival please report to our Reception, Counselling Service, Westwood House, Westwood Campus (grid reference J5) Campus map Interactive map