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Following a comprehensive review of Wellbeing Support Services, we are in a position to significantly expand our provision and have developed a new ‘Counselling and Psychology Interventions Team’. This team will comprise qualified and experienced counsellors and psychologists plus (voluntary) Associates (i.e. qualified but pre-accredited counsellors and psychology assistants) as well as a small number of trainee counsellors/psychologists.

Paid Counsellor/Psychologist (core staff): recruitment now open - 5 new, additional posts currently being advertised.

Counsellor Bank Opportunities not currently recruiting

Administrative staff: not currently recruiting

Associates: recruiting soon - there will be a revised criteria, please register your interest and we will contact you when we open recruitment.

June 2019: These pages are currently being updated as we develop the new CAPI Team.

Counsellors/Psychologists -in-training wanting professional placements for clinical and non-clinical trainee hours

Recruitment not yet open

Please register your interest.


Associate Counsellors/Psychologists

Recruitment not yet open

Please register your interest

Clinical Psychology Doctorate students - final year specialist elective placement


Please note that the Counselling Service works to the University of Warwick's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies.


Please complete the registration of interest form if you would like to be contacted about any positions that may come up with the Counselling Service in the future.