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Researcher Development Programme

Doing a PhD is a training ground- the knowledge and experiences you acquire will support you whatever career and personal path you choose.

'The prime gain from doing a PhD is little to do with the subject. It is the life skills; surviving countless struggles, persisting through difficult times, becoming a resourceful problem solver and independent thinker; and knowing when to ask for help. Invaluable for any future role!!'


And that is where Researcher Development comes in- to support you as a new, and also developing researcher.

More information about Researcher Development and the Online programme can be found here:

Researcher Development 2020-2021

Whether it is getting the tools to do the job, understanding concepts of research practice, getting yourself organised, keeping yourself and life on track; or taking time to listen and understand other people's research, the Researcher Development Programme is designed by you, for you.

We use a Dynamic Development model which puts you in charge of your own learning, supports your creativity and curiosity and works to your strengths and needs.

We developed a new online programme in May 2020, not just in response to Covid-10, but primarily because it reflects our position as globalised researchers. We need to connect to colleagues across the world, interact with new and different research; and also connect at different times of the day, around fieldwork, jobs, caring responsibilities and lab commitments.

Most of our online sessions are 60-90 minutes and are coaching and development focussed where we may share knowledge and help you find the answers for yourselves.

Importantly, the delivery team are all active researchers, lecturers or both; and skilled facilitators.

We do not run webinars or seminars. The sessions are interactive and you are fully in charge of your own learning & development.

On the RDO teams site you will be able to access workshops, discussions, events, materials and resources and also other information recommended by your PGR colleagues to support you whilst at Warwick.

The RDO has been very popular, with many people now preferring this way to access the development and support opportunities that we offer. Over time, we intend to have both an online programme supported by a series of Face to Face workshops.

RDO is located on Microsoft Teams. You should automatically be added but if you haven't then go to You will need to make sure you have Teams loaded onto your computer/ phone

    Booking onto SkillsForge- link here

    Cancellations: If you can, please cancel sessions rather than just not turning up. This allows us to give places to other colleagues who are on the waiting list for the session.

    Feedback; Let us know what you think - either in sessions, after sessions, via SkillsForge or email us directly. That way we can provide what you want or change something.

    You can book and record all your RD training via Warwick Skills Forge

    PhD in a 2nd language? If doing a PhD wasn't a challenge enough, some of you are doing it in your second or third language. Check Skills Forge for specific sessions to support you.