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Day 2

Post-PhD Career Panels

On Day 2 of the Festival of Doctoral Research we had an exciting opportunity to explore a range of career pathways for PhD graduates in and outside academia!

  • Heard speakers from a variety of backgrounds: Academic and non-academic, senior and early career, science to arts.
  • Interdisciplinary panels: Hosted two career panels in a Q&A format.
  • You can find out about the speakers and watch the recordings below.

Academic Panel

Prof Abhir Bhalerao (Computer Science)

- Professor. Research in medical imaging and computer vision.

Dr David Brown (Physics)

- Senior Research Fellow. Lead in Science Management Team of the ESA PLATO mission.

Dr Claire French (Theatre Studies - now at the University of Birmingham)

- Assistant Professor. Specialist in multilingual theatre and performance with minority/low-status languages.

Dr Anastasia Stavridou (Applied Linguistics - now at University of Manchester)

- Lecturer. Research in Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis and Intercultural Communication

Dr David Wright (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies)

- Associate Professor. Working on popular culture and digital technologies.

Non-Academic Panel

Dr Debmalya Sinha (Software Engineer @ Meta - PhD WMG)

- PhD topic: Development of a Light Field-based rendering technique from real-world scenes.

Dr Giulia Luvisotto (Strategist Consultant @ Gemic - PhD Philosophy)

- PhD topic: Responsibility for attitudes: A virtue-centered view of what it is to be responsible that does without a control requirement.

Dr Nicole Reily-Horne (Hub Process Scientist @ Severn Trent - PhD Chemistry)

- PhD topic: Boron Doped Diamond Electrochemical Sensors for the Environment; Towards In-Situ Analysis

Dr Alun Rees (Data Scientist @ Government Office for Science - PhD Physics)

- PhD topic: Simulations of asymmetry in laser-driven implosions for Inertial Confinement Fusion.