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Networking Fund

What is the Networking Fund?

As we have moved more online, we have recognised the invaluable support that we gain from our networks. But professional, academic, collegial and social networks can be hard to make, discover and support.

For 2021-22, we have decided to focus our support on helping you build and disseminate your networks. The money (a maximum bid of £300) is available to bring people together (both online and in person); to educate, stimulate or support ( even to meet to have a laugh or do something creative together); to challenge. Whatever it is that you need to bring people together and let other people know that you are doing it.

There is a 'no bits' ruling. We will not fund promotional bits that sit in people's drawers or go to landfill. Sustainability and inclusion MUST be foremost. In person is nice, but online must be included.

When is the Fund available?

There are 3 calls a year. The event/s should occur in the four months following closing date.

Applications must be received by:

Midnight (UTC) 25 October 2021

Midnight (UTC) 24 January 2022

Midnight (UTC) 26 April 2022 extended to 23 May 2022

Applications will be reviewed by a small panel and successful bids will receive funding within two working weeks.

Success will focus upon sustainability of the project and the event - so is it repeatable, regular, easy to disseminate and has 'no bits'. Is the project inclusive: how are you going to get people to feel that they belong to the event?

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