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Networking Fund

Networks help you thrive in your PhD!

What is the Networking Fund?

Last year, we launched the Networking Fund and supported a variety of fantastic PGR networks (check our previous funded projects here).

For 2022-23, we have decided to continue supporting you to build and disseminate your networks.

Why is the Networking Fund?

The PhD life usually involves solitary work, but it does not have to be an isolated journey. We started the Networking Fund with the mission of tackling the isolation of academic life and helping PGRs connect with each other.

Doing a PhD can be lonely. But we are here to help!

What do we expect from you?

We hope to work with creative PGRs to create and enhance diverse and sustainable connections.

We expect your networks and events can:

  • bring people together, create dialogues, and promote friendship
  • educate, stimulate or support each other
  • make our PGR community a more inclusive and supportive one!

We hope to see in your application:

  • sustainability of the network - will your event(s) help create and sustain the network?
  • inclusivity and diversity of your events - whom will your event(s) benefit?

When is the Fund available?

There are 3 calls a year. The event/s should occur in the four months following closing date.

  • Midnight (UTC) 11th November 2022 (Closed)
  • Midnight (UTC) 27th January 2023
  • Midnight (UTC) 28th April 2023

Applications will be reviewed and successful bids will usually receive funding within two working weeks.

Where do you submit?

Please click here to fill in and submit your application form.

Queries to: (Please put down 'PGR networking fund' as the 'subject' of your email.)

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