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Funded COVID Extensions Guidance

This guidance must be read in conjunction with the Funded COVID Extension Policy.

Funded COVID Extensions are provided to ensure that a doctoral-level thesis can be completed where sufficient mitigation was not feasible, not to compensate for time lost due to the COVID pandemic.


In the interests of being fair, open and transparent, there is a centrally managed governance structure and application process to which all students apply, managed by the Doctoral College.

The online application form must be completed and submitted by the student, including the Funded COVID Extension Statements Form. Applications will be accepted when a student is in the final 12 months of their current funded period. The reason for this restiction is, while students can accurately describe the disruptions that they have faced, it is difficult for them to describe and for the panel to assess the level and success of any mitigation and an accurate completion timeline at an earlier stage in their studentship.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • 2021/22 deadlines to be announced soon

Disclosures of additional sensitive or private information can be emailed to Dr Rebecca Vipond in the Doctoral College directly using the subject “Funded COVID Extension”.

Application Form Question


Uni number
Full name

Auto fills when student is logged into the page


Select from the drop down list


Type all supervisors names

Funding Source

  • I am fully or part funded by a UKRI Research Council (including incorporated students)
  • I am funded by the University of Warwick and not a UKRI Research Council
  • I am co-funded by an external partner (e.g. iCASE, WCPRS)

Select all that apply


Main source of funding

Select from the drop-down list. If “other”, please specify

External Partner organisation

Only complete if “I am co-funded by an external partner (e.g. iCASE, WCPRS)” is selected above. Type all external partner co-funder names

Funding Start Date

Select first day of the current funding period (usually the same as registration)

Funding End Date

Select last day of the current funding period (not necessarily the same as registration)

Length of extension in whole months

Type number (0-3, up to max 6 in particularly exceptional circumstances)

Please select the main reason(s) that you are requesting a funded COVID extension

Select all that apply. Only select "other" if there is a specific topic in the request that does not relate to any of the other named topics.

Please attach your completed Statement Form

Only fully completed Funded COVID Extension Statements Forms will be accepted. Statements should include:

  • A brief, factual description of the disruption faced
  • A brief, factual description of the mitigation attempted and comments on why this has not been sufficient
  • A brief thesis completion timeline
  • A statement from the supervisor confirming the disruption, mitigation and timeline
  • A statement from the director (CDT/DTP or DGS), confirming support for the extension request.

Electronic and typed signatures are acceptable.

Exceptional circumstances

Select all that apply. Any disability, neurodiversity or long-term illness must have been disclosed to Disability Services prior to submitting this application.

Previous funded extension

Select to confirm if you previously received a funded COVID extension.


All applications are assessed by a single review panel made up of senior academic colleagues representing all faculties and advised by Disability Services. After each application deadline, the review panel will consider each request and make recommendations for final approval of the University Executive. The following assessment criteria will be used.


Based on…

Eligibility: the student is eligible for a funded COVID extension.

Application and student record

Exceptional circumstances: any exceptional circumstances raised are genuine and relevant.

Application and student record

Disruption: the disruption detailed is specifically related to the COVID pandemic and is of a sufficient significance to have caused the student to be unable to complete a doctoral-level thesis within their current funded period.

Extension Statement Form

Mitigation: mitigation and adaptation of the research project has been attempted, but has not been sufficient to enable to student to complete a doctoral-level thesis within the current funding period

Extension Statement Form

Students and departments will be notified of panel decisions within three weeks of the deadline to which the application was submitted.


Funded COVID Extensions will provide additional stipend only at the standard minimum UKRI rate, unless additional stipendiary support is provided by an existing external partner (pro-rata for part time students). No fees will be charged for any extension period and no additional costs will be funded. Any additional costs for research-related expenses will be met by existing budgets.

Where there is match-funding from an external partner, they must be contacted to seek approval for any extension requested and to seek additional financial support. Where additional financial support cannot be provided by the partner, Warwick will underwrite the stipend to the standard minimum UKRI level only.

Appeals and Complaints

Panel recommendations are final. Appeals or reapplications can be submitted to the next application deadline only upon the provision of substantial additional evidence.

Complaints should be emailed to the Doctoral College at using the subject “Funded COVID Extension” and it will be received by the COVID Extensions Review Panel Chair for consideration.

Staff Briefing

27 April 2021 | Video Slides