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8. Guidance for Revising the Thesis


Minor and Major Corrections

The definition of minor and major corrections in use at Warwick is given in sections 5.3 and 5.4. Where a decision of minor/major corrections is recommended, a jointly agreed list of the corrections concerned should normally be appended to the examiners’ reports to enable the relevant Faculty Education Committee Chair to evaluate the nature of the changes required to the thesis. Examiners do not need to attach a list of typographical corrections to the reports, but may choose instead to annotate a copy of the thesis if this is more convenient. However, any other corrections should be included within the jointly agreed list attached to the examiners’ reports.

The Doctoral College will normally expect the candidate (and supervisor(s)) to receive the list of corrections directly from the examiners, wherever possible on the day of the oral examination if one is held to enable the candidate to complete the amendments as quickly as possible. Where an oral examination is not required, the internal examiner should ensure that the candidate is notified of the corrections at the earliest opportunity. (If there are two external examiners, the Examination Advisor should ensure that the candidate is notified of the corrections at the earliest opportunity.) However, the Doctoral College will send the list of corrections to candidates if requested to do so by the examiners. The internal examiner, or nominated external examiner, is then asked to inform the Doctoral College as soon as the corrections have been satisfactorily completed within a period determined by the examiners and not greater than three months for minor corrections or six months for major corrections. In the event that two external examiners are appointed, the Examinations Advisor is responsible for allocating responsibility for checking minor corrections to one of the external examiners.


Guidance on Revising a Thesis when Resubmission is Required

The examiners should provide a jointly agreed note of guidance which lists the revisions which are required to the thesis. These should be listed in a clear and unambiguous way and in sufficient detail to enable the candidate to be sure of what is required of them. This statement should be separate from the examiners’ reports but should be attached to the examiners’ reports when they are returned to the Doctoral College. Please note that this statement is required even though the examiners may have provided the candidate with feedback at the oral examination (see section 6.4). It will be the responsibility of the Chair of the Faculty Education Committee, when approving the reports and recommendation, to ensure that the guidance on resubmission provided by the examiners is clear and unambiguous.

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