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Active Bystander Intervention course - FAQs

1. Am I eligible to join one of the Active Bystander Intervention courses?

All undergraduate and MSc students are invited to register for a course. We are trialling different delivery formats as part of the trial.

  • The 4-week course being held in term 3 is open for registrations! Register here.
  • The 8-week courses being run in Term 2 are full.
  • The 2-day course for Warwick Medical School students is full.
2. Why should I volunteer?
  • Be part of something meaningful.
  • Develop and improve your leadership, communication and listening skills.
  • Receive a certificate of participation.
  • Help improve the culture and strengthen our community at Warwick.
  • Warwick is committed to providing a campus environment in which all members of our community feel safe and are respected. Taking part in this course is a positive way in which you can have an important impact in tackling issues of sexual violence, misconduct, and abuse.
    3. Are there any exams, coursework or extra work if I take part?


    4. Who developed the Active Bystander Intervention?

    The programme is evidence-based and was developed by Public Health England, various experts in this field, and students from the University of the West of England. You can find out more about the development and the content here. The content is freely available for use, but we have developed a Warwick specific version that was informed by Warwick students.

    5. Who will lead each session?

    We have appointed external facilitators to deliver the programme. The facilitators are experienced in this area and have been trained in delivering this specific content. The team that runs the programme are based in the Dean of Students' Office. You can contact the Programme Manager on

    6. How long is the course?

    The 8-week courses being run in Term 2 are now full.

    Warwick Medical School are invited to register for a bespoke 2-day course.

    The 4-week course being held in term 3 is currently open for registrations! Register here.

    7. Does my department support me in taking part in this course?

    Yes. All Heads of Department are aware of this course and support student participation.

    8. What format does the course take?

    You will be expected to attend each session. The session takes a workshop style and is interactive. You will learn about bystander theory, explores issues of sexual misconduct, and practice being an active bystander. If you need a break at any stage, the facilitators are trained to support you.

    9. I'm not a perpetrator of sexual misconduct, abuse, or violence - why should I take the time to volunteer?

    Research shows that community-based programmes work best in tackling issues of sexual violence, misconduct, and abuse on campuses. If everyone in the community takes a stance against problematic behaviour then the behaviours become socially unacceptable and reduce. The programme can only have an impact if as many people as possible get involved.

    10. Have any Warwick students been involved in developing the programme at all?

    Yes! Previous students who took the course would recommend it to others. We've also been working with students to ensure the content is relevant to your everyday experience.