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About the Dean of Students Office

We work with Warwick staff and students university-wide to further our commitment to excellent academic and pastoral support as part of a strong learning community.

Who are we?

Working closely with colleagues across the university, the Dean of Students Office provides strategic leadership for personal tutoring as part of the learning experience, ensuring that practice at Warwick is sector leading and supports both academic outcomes and the wellbeing of students.

Professor Rebecca Freeman
Dean of Students


Tel: 024 7652 2429

Dr Rebecca Freeman

Dr Helen Toner
Faculty Senior Tutor - Science, Engineering & Medicine


Tel: 024 7652 3326

Dr Helen Toner

Dr David Lees
Faculty Senior Tutor - Social Sciences


Tel: 024 7652 3331

Dr David Lees

Rachel Dickinson
Faculty Senior Tutor - Arts


Tel: 024 7652 2847

Rachel Dickinson

Patricia Burke
PA to Dean of Students

Tel: 024 7652 2761

Patricia Burke

Puja Laporte
CVEP Programme Manager




Dr Jane Bryan
Academic Lead for CVEP



Dr Jane Bryan

Departmental Senior tutors

List of Departmental Senior tutors

What do we do?

The role of the University Dean of Students:

  • Work with students and staff to promote the academic and pastoral support of students as part of a strong and supportive learning community
  • Provide with the Faculty Senior tutors, provide help and advice, training and networking opportunities to Senior Tutors and Personal Tutors.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing of practice, networking and development for Directors of Student Experience in University departments.
  • Work collaboratively with student support services and student opportunities offered by the University and Students' Union in support of successful student outcomes.
  • Support the work of the Community Values Education Programme to contribute to the development of a stronger campus community.

Read more about Rebecca and the role of Dean of Students from Student Blogger, Tosin Sonubi.

The role of the Faculty Senior Tutor:

  • Be responsible, together with the Dean of Students, for the effective operation and development of personal tutoring within their designated Faculty.
  • Promote good practice and act as a champion for personal and senior tutoring,
  • Provide advice, support and guidance to students if departmental Senior Tutors are unavailable, or otherwise as required.
  • Develop and deliver training to departmental Senior and Personal Tutors.
  • Contribute to University and Faculty meetings on the operation or development of personal tutoring within their Faculty, including innovations, key issues and showcasing good practice.

When to contact your Faculty Senior Tutor?

The Faculty Senior Tutors (contact details above) are academics from departments outside of their Faculty to enable them to offer impartial support. You can contact your Faculty Senior Tutor if you feel your department or other student support services have not been able to offer sufficient support on issues relating to your studies and welfare, or if you have a complaint, or wish to make an appeal and need further guidance.

The role of the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP) team:

  • The Community Values Education Programme launched in September 2019, following 18 months of development work in partnership with the Students' Union. The programme supports the exploration of the University's work on community values within academic departments, developing resources and activities which enable students to explore Warwick's values in a structured and supportive way, contributing to the development of a stronger campus community.

  • Programme resources & activities are co-created with students and informed by our shared community values of openness, equality and diversity, mutual respect and trust.

Read more about the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP) and have a look at some of its resources.

Contact the Dean of Students Office

Appointments with the Dean of Students and Faculty Senior Tutors should be made in advance via email.

For general enquiries the Dean of Students Office can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2761

The Dean of Students can be contacted on:

Email:; Tel: 024 7652 2429

Please see above for contact information for the Faculty Senior Tutors and the CVEP team.

Dean of Students Hardship Fund

The Dean of Students Hardship Fund is by referral only by Student Funding, following an application to the Warwick Hardship Fund.