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CVEP student research activities

CVEP are proud to support students to research topics of interest. These are some of the recent projects undertaken by Warwick Undergraduates.

Finding Strength in Difference:

Sade Fayankinnu (Law)

This project is designed to find out what students and staff from ethnic minority backgrounds think about Warwick Law School’s (WLS) Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) strategy and initiatives regarding racial equality.

There are many ways in which universities are working to understand how better learning environments can be created for students from ethnic minorities. Alongside this, literature which explores the lived experiences of ethnic minority students and staff highlights the importance of a comfortable learning environment, where culturally informed processes and decisions are fundamental. This explains why a generalised picture of current attitudes can be valuable to help ensure an environment wherein members of the law school community feel equally supported, represented and respected. The research involved an anonymous survey, with responses collected from law school students from ethnic minority backgrounds. The survey included several multiple-choice questions and the option to select potentially effective initiatives from some examples at the end. The data collected indicates a lack of knowledge and indifference towards WLS’ efforts in their ED&I strategy and initiatives regarding racial equality. This, however, cannot be equated with dissatisfaction with the current approach. Perhaps further research could find out what, if anything, students would want to change in the future - or what they think would be useful and effective. Ultimately, this project aims to encourage us to consider how we can, or how we already manage to, find strength in our differences.

Sade FayankinnuURSS poster

Study on the role of student activism as a response
to sexual assault

Joshua Harris (Law)

My research focuses upon student activist groups like Protect Warwick Women, and the influence they have had on universities. Particularly, focusing on the University of Warwick I will analyse the issue of sexual assault and violence and how student activist groups impact the University. This area attracted me due to developments over the previous year by PWW and the need for urgent action. URSS attracted me due to the opportunity to work on a project of my choosing and work with academics to create my own project.

Josh Harris URSS poster

Institutional Responses to Sexual Violence

Rebecca Cole (Law)

Deciding on the project focus was a long journey for me. I first wanted to look at the broad range of universities across the UK. Though, this process would have been too lengthy, considering I only had the summer to complete this research project. So, I instead focussed on universities in the West Midlands, comparing campus and city universities in the area.

Current academic interests: Teaching Legal Theory, researching International Economic Law, and Policy Writing.

Rebecca Cole URSS poster

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