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Active Bystander micro-course

This micro-course will introduce what it means for you to be an active bystander, and how you can help create a safe and welcoming community at Warwick.

As an added bonus, students who complete the course will get a free Greggs sausage roll voucher (meat or vegan).

Course cover image - plain text below.

You'll receive two text messages, a day apart, which will give you access to the course content. Each day you should expect to put aside ten minutes to complete the course.

Places are limited to the first 500 students who register.

To participate:

Step 1. Scan this QR code with your smart device.

Step 2. Scanning the QR code will create a text message in your phone with the message 'WarwickActiveBystander' - press send to register.

QR code

Alternatively, on a mobile device visit this link to register.

The technology will work fine for most people, but individual carrier settings may vary. If you experience any problems with registering, please contact and include a screenshot of the problem if possible.

This is an example of a slide in the micro-course:

Slide from the micro-course