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Active Bystanders in the Teaching Space

Project overview

Active Bystanders in the Teaching Space is a WIHEA-funded project which started in December 2021.

Unacceptable behaviour in the classroom, such as racism, can be difficult to address, and many students will look to their teacher to model the right approach. Left inadequately addressed, unacceptable behaviour makes the teaching space feel unsafe, negatively impacting the learning, social experience, sense of inclusion, and wellbeing of both staff and students.

This project aims to create a leadership resource to build confidence, knowledge, and skills to enable those that teach to use Active Bystander principles to address unacceptable behaviour in the teaching space to create a safe, engaged, inclusive learning experience.

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Call for staff and PGR contributors

We are calling for staff who teach and PGRs who teach to register their interest in joining a co-creation workshop in Term 2. Contributors will help ensure that examples used in the resource and the advice given are directly relevant to the experience of those that teach to provide maximal benefit.

Register your interest. Workshop dates to be confirmed but will go ahead in February or March 2022. Workshops will be around 1.5 hours in length and will be in small groups. There will be an online and face-to-face option.

Project Team

The day-to-day delivery of the project is managed by:

The project leads are Dr Jane Bryan and Sam Parr from the CVEP programme team.

Staff & Student Partners

We are also supported by a team of key staff and student partners:

Contact Us

For more information and enquiries, contact Pierre Botcherby: