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Kindness on Campus

In a world where you can be anything...

A sign that says Be Kind

Kindness on Campus Awards 2022

To celebrate World Kindness Day 2021, the Community Values Education Programme launched the Kindness on Campus Awards.

All too often kindness and allyship are undervalued, yet even small acts have the power to overcome or recognise the value in our differences, break down prejudice, and bring us closer together as a community.

The Awards for 2022 were judged by Professor Chris Ennew (Provost), Kulbir Shergill (Director of Social Inclusion), Professor Rebecca Freeman (Dean of Students) and Will Brewer (SU President) who praised all the nominees for their acts of kindness and their contributions to making Warwick a kinder campus.

The staff and students recognised in the 2022 Awards are:

Staff Kindness Awards


Brian O'Leary (Estates)

Highly Commended

Margaux Whiskin (SMLC)

Frankie Robson (Arts Centre)


Patrick Lambe (Estates)

Margretta Ballard (Estates)

Emily Cannon (WP officer, Education team)


Student Kindness Awards


Navneet Khangura (WBS)

Highly commended

Ana Vijay (WMG)


Matthew Munnelly (Philosophy)

Naiya Sehgal (WBS)

Brendan Bell (Computer Science)

Well done to all those nominated and thanks to those who took the time to nominate someone for their acts of kindness.

Find out more about our 2021 winners and those commended here.

Kindness Cards

Kindness Cards are a great way to promote kindness as a key tenet of our Respect at Warwick agenda.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

- Aesop

To request a pack of Kindness Cards, please email our team at .

How to Use Kindness Cards

  • Think kind: Consider some creative ways to be kind to others. Take inspiration from the Mental Health Foundation's 50 random acts of kindness.
  • Be kind: Do your act of kindness (anonymously if you like), leaving a kindness card
  • Spread kindness: The recipient of the card is encouraged to re-use the card to undertake an act of kindness themselves.

If you've received an act of kindness, please take a photo or share your experience via social media using #KindWarwick and re-use the card to share kindness.