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Kindness on Campus Awards Winners 2021

Student winner

Caroline Rushingwa (PAIS)

Image of Caroline Rushingwa

What an honour to be the student winner of this year Warwick University Kindness on Campus Awards.

I can hardly find words to express my gratitude for this great honour and recognition.

I am grateful to all that mentor, coach, encourage and inspire me to do well and do good, may I be for others what you have all been for me.

This win is a collective one and I look forward to continue contributing toward "a world that is better led, served and governed".

I will leave you with my favourite quote: In a world where you can be anything, be kind (anon)

What others said about Caroline:

"It was in May 2021 following 5 months of lockdown which had been very tough on me. She contacted me and invited me for a cup of tea on campus. She gave me great advices and tips on student but also professional life which are still helping me today. Since then she has been a big support to me and others." 

"Caroline Rushingwa has always listened to my queries as an African student right before I even joined Warwick."

"She inspired me to participate in Campus activities as a way of relaxing myself from study pressure. I found it very helpful especially for my well being during my Masters course. She also shared her experiences and advised me with information regarding life at Warwick. This was inspiring to me for many reasons."

"She gave me details concerning life at campus and also networked me to influential people (African leaders)."

Staff Winner

Caroline Jawdoszak (WMS)

Caroline Jawdoszak

Thank you all so very much for your lovely words of appreciation, I really am so touched by this award.

I am so proud to work at Warwick, and be a part of a fantastic team, I love working with all the students and staff daily....

Thank you so much, this award means so much.

What others said about Caroline:

"This wonderful lady has a smile for anyone who walks through the door. She is a kindest and most helpful person you could ever hope to meet. She makes time for everyone. If I need cheering up I will always go spend 5 minutes with Caroline. She brightens everyone's days and gives out the most excellent hugs."

"Caroline is the light and pulse of Warwick Medical School - we are so lucky to have her as our receptionist. She always goes above and beyond to make all who enter the school feel welcomed, and to make our jobs easier. There isn't a job she won't offer support for, and you know your burden will be lightened because of her kind heart and generous manner. She has an incredible, never-ending well of energy and kindness that makes you look forward to coming into work. There is nobody else like her!"

"I would like to nominate for an Act of Kindness award. Caroline is always welcoming and has a positive attitude when she is at the MTC Reception desk. She makes the effort to remember people's name. She is always very helpful and goes above and beyond - a good example would be when a medical student felt unwell: Caroline found a quiet space for the medical student to recover and brought them water and biscuits."

"Caroline is WMS receptionist and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She looks after students who feel ill, sad or lost. She looks after staff- gets coffee for staff working too hard & helps our visually impaired tutor get around. She is always there for a chat if you need a break from work and welcomes everyone in the mornings. Nothing is too much trouble."

We had many nominations from staff and students across Warwick celebrating acts of kindness on campus.

The judges Professor Chris Ennew (Provost) and Kubir Shergill (Director of Social Inclusion) commended in particular the acts of:

Jim Alimpertis

Hayley Ambrose

James Andrew

David Bather Woods

Stephen Collins

Nikki Glover

Kate Hewston

Nalita James

Charlotte Jones

Sat Kaur

Sara Lovecka

Lesley Roberts

Aaron Sandhu

Darren Storey

Kate Whiston

Senior Management Team (MBChB)