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Kindness on Campus Award Winners 2022

Student Award Winner

Navneet Khangura (WBS)

Image of Navneet Khangura

Thank you to everyone at Warwick and WBS for your kind words and encouragement. In particular, I want to thank Marie Diebolt for this recognition and for giving me the chance to work with her on some amazing projects. Kindness is a team effort and much of what I’ve done wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s support.

I also want to thank the University of Warwick for this opportunity. It is amazing to know that Warwick continues to support and encourage these acts. Often kindness can go unrecognised, especially in the current world we live in, but this shouldn’t deter us from being compassionate and caring to one another.

Thank you all once again, I’m honoured and touched by this recognition.

What others said about Navneet:

“Navneet came to Warwick via the Realising Opportunities Access programme and since she has been a student at Warwick she has been dedicated to give back and to support other students on our access programmes, first as a Realising Opportunities ambassador then as a Bright Stars ambassador. Whilst juggling all of her personal and academic commitments as well as supporting our programme, she has always worked well with other students and staff and been kind and positive when facing challenges. Her kindness is shown through all the aspects of her work. From emails where she always thank and acknowledges the help she has received to the smile and soft voice she uses to work with the most vulnerable group. She is liked by all and is a real ambassador and champion of what kindness is at Warwick.”

“She has helped me get through university with her friendship and moral support. Always eager to do what she felt was the right thing to do.”

“Navneet is one of the nicest people I have ever met on campus. She is known to go out of her way to help somebody be it with campus directions, assignments, or general advice.”

“Navneet is really optimistic and always puts others before herself. She’s always willing to make time for others even if she is busy and has given plenty of helpful advice.”

Staff Award Winner

Brian O'Leary (Estates)

I was an extra pair of hands with time to spare. I am delighted any visitor to the University appreciates my assistance enough to mention it.

What others said about Brian:

"When I first arrived on campus this year, all by myself, with 4 large pieces of luggage, he offered to help me moving them to my apartment, and even took the heaviest ones upstairs. I never had a change to thank him for that. Therefore I'd like to nominate him for this award."

"When it's frosty Brian comes in hour earlier on his shift to make sure no one slips at Cryfield he is truly a super star. He hates any attention to the way he conducts himself."


The Awards for 2022 were judged by Professor Chris Ennew (Provost), Kulbir Shergill (Director of Social Inclusion), Professor Rebecca Freeman (Dean of Students) and Will Brewer (SU President) who praised all the nominees for their acts of kindness and their contributions to making Warwick a kinder campus.

In addition to the Winners above, the following staff and students were commended in the 2022 Awards:

Staff Kindness Awards

Highly Commended

Margaux Whiskin (SMLC)

Frankie Robson (Arts Centre)


Patrick Lambe (Estates)

Margretta Ballard (Estates)

Emily Cannon (WP officer, Education team)


Student Kindness Awards

Highly commended

Ana Vijay (WMG)


Matthew Munnelly (Philosophy)

Naiya Sehgal (WBS)

Brendan Bell (Computer Science)

Well done to all those nominated and thanks to those who took the time to nominate someone for their acts of kindness.