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Hear My Name

The Community Values Education Programme team, led by Dr Jane Bryan working with Puja Laporte, in the Dean of Student’s Office is looking for Warwick staff and students who would be willing to test using an audio name badge (sound clip of their name) in their email signature and to share their experiences briefly in an anonymous online survey.

If you would be interested in getting involved in the Hear My Name project please sign up here. There is information on how to insert an audio name badge in your email signature below. If you have any questions, please do email

How to include an audio name badge in your email signature

Step one  
Create a link to your audio name badge:  
    • Use a site such as namecoach (which enables you to create for free an audio name badge, which can also include a photograph, pronoun preferences and more)
    • Record your name and share the link using a site such as Vocaroo | Online voice recorder or Dropbox
    Step two  
    Include this link in your email signature  
    • In Outlook, go to settings and search for ‘email signature’ and then follow the steps to create/edit your email signature and include a link to your audio file.

    Have we got anything wrong or is there another way? Let us know by emailing - all suggestions/corrections welcome.

    A little bit more about the project

    The Hear My Name project is part of the Say My Name project being conducted by Jane and Puja to explore ways to get each other’s names right. As simple as that may sound, it can be rather complicated in practice – there’s awkwardness, succumbing to a nickname that you never asked for and not feeling able to correct someone in a position of power.

    Based on feedback from a number of staff and students in the Warwick community, this is a much needed and very welcome project, taking a positive and proactive stance on an important issue.

    One key finding from the Say My Name project is that many would welcome a sound clip of someone saying their name to help get familiar with it outside of face-to-face meetings. This could be embedded within People Search, Tabula and/or emails. We would like to test what that could look like.