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Introduction to Active Bystander at Warwick workshop

The Community Values Education Programme offers a one-hour 'Introduction to Active Bystander' workshop to academic departments for all incoming UG and PGT students.

We can all contribute to a positive campus experience by developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be active bystanders and safely challenge unacceptable behaviours. Co-created with students, this short online workshop explores what it means for students to uphold our shared Warwick values, through practical examples and techniques.

The full Active Bystander Intervention course open to students is signposted at the end of the workshop, along with further opportunities across the University to engage with our community values.

Book your workshop

The 2022/23 workshop calendar is now open for bookings. UG and PGT student workshops are running between Welcome Week and week 5.

Communicating your workshop

Suggested wording and digital assets are available to support you communicate your workshop to your students.

Further opportunities

Our resources and activities support the development of knowledge, skills and confidence as active bystanders.

Student feedback on the workshop

Of the 452 students who completed the workshop feedback form in 2021/22:

  • 90% would recommend the workshop to a friend or peer.
  • 91% agreed that they had developed new or additional knowledge in being an active bystander.
  • 87% agreed that they had developed new or additional confidence as an active bystander.
  • Many students shared positive feedback about the workshop facilitators, the delivery style, the interactive format, the content, and the messages. Many were pleased to see Warwick's investment in this project.
  • Feedback included a desire for more examples of everyday behaviours and to cover a wider range of topics. The content for the 2022/23 workshops has been amended in response to this feedback.
Student feedback quotes