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Course Resources

Thank-you for completing the Active Bystander Intervention course.

Welcome to the course resources portal. You can return here to access the slide sets, signposting resources, and additional resources used within or relevant to the course.

Session Slides (Exec course)

The slide sets from each session of the Active Bystander Intervention course for club & society exec are linked below. Please note, reviewing the slides is not a suitable alternative to attending the session(s).

Session 1 slide set

Session 2 slide set

Session 3 slide set

Signposting to / accessing support services

This information sheet includes support services for people who may be experiencing, or have experienced, sexual violence or abuse.

This list of local support services covers a wide range of issues, including drug and alcohol recovery, domestic abuse, mental health crises, homelessness, and housing support.

Consent, healthy relationships, and active bystander resources

This international collection of resources includes many resources on the topics of consent, healthy relationships, and active bystander intervention. It includes videos like 'Tea and Consent' and 'Cycling Through Consent', booklets, poster series, blogs, web comics, games, infographics, and activities.

Ongoing Support

Completing the course is the beginning of a journey, and we're here to support you with your next steps too.

You can contact the Community Values Education Programme team via