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PDP Project Student Resources

Student Resources

Positive Digital Practices


Welcome to our resources hub. Here you will find resources, co-created with students from across our partners, aimed at supporting the wellbeing of part-time, mature, commuter or distance students. While they have been developed with particular students in mind, we think they are suitable for any student. Please share the page if you think the resources might be helpful.

We'd love to know what you think of the resources. Take a look using the links on the right and then come back here and tell us what you think.

Feeling Good About...

Explore practical guidance for students on how to feel good about certain aspects of academic life.

Digital Literacy Journey Map

Explore tips, encouragement and support from students about digital literacy at university.

Understanding Wellbeing Module

The Understanding Wellbeing Module will guide students to discover and better understand the crucial concept of wellbeing. Warwick students can access the module below. The module can be made available free of charge to other institutions, please contact to explore ideas and find out how to access it. Links to institutions which already have access can be found below.

Arden University...coming soon

Glasgow University...coming soon

Emotional Resilience Toolkit

Support for students to develop emotional resilience when studying potentially distressing curriculum content. Explore our toolkit including student guides, videos, podcasts and guidance.

Positive Digital Communities

Creating, supporting, maintaining and ensuring wellbeing in a digital community, or 'digital circle' can be challenging. These resources can help students or educators set up and support a digital circle, ensuring that they're conducive to student wellbeing.

Diverse Journeys

Encourage reflection, emotional awareness and help-seeking behaviour with this free digital tool and accompanying resources.

Our Journey

Explore the free online platform, Our Journey, where students can create and reflect on their study journeys.


Access guidance for staff and students on getting started with Our Journey and reflecting on experiences.

Diverse academic journeys

Explore vignettes of academics' journeys, challenges and achievements through higher education and beyond.

Speaking After the Split

Guidance for students on relationship breakup at university

Guidance for students

Advice for students on coping with a relationship breakdown at university

Staff and student stories

Staff and student stories of getting over relationship breakup at university

At a Crossroad

An interactive resource around navigating work and/or family alongside university studies

At a crossroad

Studying can throw different challenges your way. Balancing the demands of studying with your other commitments, family or employment responsibilities, can mean additional pressures. Try our 'At a crossroads: navigating work and/or family alongside study' interactive, an immersive video based free resource, where you can explore the challenges and consider the student and evidence-informed strategies or supports that will work best for you.