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Personal Tutoring Review

The University is currently reviewing the personal tutoring system to ensure that it is provides appropriate and timely support to our students.

Professor Louise Gracia, the Dean of Students, is consulting Heads of Department, Senior Tutors and Personal Tutors in all academic departments; Student Staff Liaison Committees will be asked to discuss personal tutoring within their termly meetings and provide input to the review; broader student views will be sought; National Student Survey responses will be reviewed for relevant comments; and the Students' Union will be consulted. A review group has been constituted that includes Faculty-wide and external representation.

The review will take into account changes to the size and shape of the student population since the last review in 2011, and consider how best to support departments in providing personal tutoring to students. It is envisaged that planned changes to personal tutoring will be made in time for the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year.