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Personal Tutoring Review

Personal Tutoring at Warwick was reviewed by a Working Group in 2017, which considered personal tutoring at Warwick in the context of best practice across the sector, the breadth of current provision, and feedback from students and staff.

This wide ranging report generated a suite of recommendations regarding how tutoring could be further improved and supported. All recommendations of the Personal Tutoring Review (PTR 2017/18) have been approved by Senate (14th March 2018) and Council (16th May 2018). You can download the Report and Executive Summary via the links to the right.

The eighteen inter-connected recommendations cluster around four key development themes:

1. Resources to provide effective personal tutoring.
2. Recognition of the value of personal tutoring as a strand of academic work.
3. Review of personal tutoring practice on an annual basis.
4. Practice developments that enhance personal tutoring quality.

Key Personal Tutoring Changes (from PTR 2017) for 2018/19 are summarised Here.

The Dean of Students' Office is working on putting all recommendations into practice in the coming 2018/19 academic year as well as working on a number of further personal tutoring developments including:

  • Revamping the Dean of Students’ Office website.
  • Producing personal tutoring guidance for students – including Welcome Week materials, a student personal tutoring handbook and a frequently asked questions section on the website.
  • Working with Wellbeing Support Services to increase and better integrate wellbeing support provided to Faculties and Departments. 
  • Undertaking a mapping of workload credit allocation for personal and senior tutoring work across the university – reporting to relevant University committees for further consideration. 
  • Drawing together all strands of work within an institutional Code of Practice for personal tutoring. 
  • Developing new materials to support the work of Senior and Personal Tutors, the latest of which are a number of personal tutoring meeting checklists to structure meetings with UG and PGT tutees - available here.