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Community intervention to support parents with premature babies

This study aims to support parents in recognising they are the experts with their own babies and to promote their confidence in understanding and enjoying their babies.

Parents whose babies were born at, or before, 28 weeks of gestation and were nursed in the neonatal intensive care unit will be offered an opportunity to explore their feelings about their birth experiences and to consider their perceptions of their infant's unique characteristics. Also, two short clips of video will be recorded so the parents and researcher can observe the baby's cues and signals and discuss the special ways in which their baby communicates.

Parents were given the DVD clips of their babies as a memento.

Learning from this study will help community nursing and medical staff understand what support would be valued by parents who are getting to know their babies who were born very early.

Parents will be asked if they want to take part in this study by staff on the neonatal unit before their baby is discharged home. If parents want to take part they will be contacted by an experienced researcher from the Warwick Medical School (University of Warwick) and an appointment will be made to visit parents at home. After a second home visit parents will be asked if they found the promotional interview and video clips useful and whether they would recommend this for other parents who have had babies born prematurely. Parents' opinions will be put into a report about what support is beneficial. All views will be made anonymous and no names will be used in the report. With parents' permission the video clips will be studied to explore the ways in which young babies born prematurely interact. Parents may be asked for permission to use the video clips for teaching medical and nursing staff. All other video material will be deleted after parents have received their DVDs.