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Krish's story

Krish was born at on 21 April 2010, at 28 weeks and three days. We knew that he would come early but not this early!

Baby Krish in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

When my waters broke at 15 weeks, I was told that there was only a 2% chance that my baby would be born – and, if he was born, then there was a greater than 95% chance that he would be severely disabled. My only option was to pray and be as positive as I could.

I would come in twice a week to the Foetal Wellbeing Clinic and somehow Krish got into a position where he had managed to block the hole. The amniotic fluid kept increasing until he decided to somersault and then it all came out again.

Krish decided he couldn't hang on any more and made an entrance into the world at 28 weeks and three days. He weighed 2lb 10oz (1.180kg) and was tiny! He was ventilated at birth and had something attached to every limb of his body. These were all there to help him in different ways. Krish was only on the ventilator for two days, then moved onto CPAP. He then alternated between the CPAP and the nasal prongs, and finally came off the oxygen a week before he came home.

Whilst he stayed in hospital he had many different problems. He had:

  • Jaundice so was put on light therapy
  • Two blood transfusions
  • Skin tags on his right ear
  • Reflux
  • Desaturations and feeding problems

Krish also had talipes (club foot) as he was squashed in the womb. However, he managed to sort this out himself by pushing against the nest in his incubator. He was finally allowed to come home on 5th July after 11 weeks in hospital.

It is now a year since we have left the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Krish has progressed so much. He is crawling, standing, eating substantial meals and happily drinking his milk.

Although the time we spent at University Hospital was worrying and stressful, the caring and friendly staff helped us to understand what was going on and were there to support us, as well as our son. We are eternally grateful to you all.

Krish smiling in his cotKrish standing and smiling