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Getting started with accessibility at Warwick

What is accessibility?

At Warwick, as a public sector institution, we now have a legal obligation to make our digital communications accessible for all users. This applies to everything we do digitally including apps, digital events, emails, videos, social media and websites.

This website gives you an introduction to everything you need to know. It offers a combination of legal requirements with our best practice guidelines at Warwick.

Why does accessibility matter?

First, accessibility is a legal requirement

Accessibility is a regulatory requirement. The risks of non-compliance are both reputational and financial if we are audited. Government Digital Services are carrying out random spot-checks on public sector websites:

    Read more about the legal need for accessibility.

    Second, accessibility helps our users

    Your work will help users who have access needs. Whenever we create inaccessible content, we are excluding users. Making your webpages accessible also makes them more usable for everyone.

    Read about how accessibility helps our users.

    Third, accessibility will impact search results

    In May 2021, Google made changes to its algorithms which takes usability and accessibility into account.

    See how search engines read content.

    What do you need to do?

    Much like GDPR and data security, accessibility is something we all need to get used to at Warwick. The new legislation is already in force and applies to any content created after September 2018.

    As a Warwick staff member, you need to become familiar with the new guidelines at Warwick. These include recommendations on writing styles, use of colour, images and multimedia, and more.

    Explore the guidelines now

    What support is available?

    We have built this website to offer you guidance in best practice. We will be launching accessibility training in the coming months. Meanwhile, our IT team is updating the website content editor to help make accessibility checking easier. Not everything can be automated, you will need to understand the regulations to ensure full compliance.

    Our ITS and Digital Teams are also currently reviewing our most visited pages to make sure that they are as accessible as possible. We might be in touch with you about your pages directly if they come up in our audits.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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