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Learn how to make your content accessible

Accessibility guidelines at Warwick

Find out how to make sure everyone can access your communications, and explore best practice for getting great results with your websites.

Guidelines for webpages

This list covers the fundamentals which apply to all your webpages (and all your other digital communications too).

  • Copywriting and readability
  • Using structure, formatting and links correctly
  • Adding images and multimedia
  • Using colours

Guidelines for emails

This list focuses specifically on emails including:

  • Plain text or HTML emails
  • Ways to test your emails

Guidelines for digital events

This list focuses specifically on digital event needs including:

  • Live captioning
  • Transcripts

Guidelines for Microsoft Teams

Accessibillity support for Microsoft Teams can be found at Microsoft's official support portal:

Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams

Advanced digital accessibility training

This training will be for you if you:

  • Are responsible for website administration
  • Go beyond Sitebuilder basics
  • Write bespoke code (HTML, CSS or Javascript)
  • Need to train others in accessibility

Register your interest today and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Watch some accessibility training workshops

Please see a series of training workshops around accessibility created at Warwick by Academic Technology that covers accessibility of various formats Word, Powerpoint, Audio, Video, Maths equations and Moodle. With thanks to Kerry Pinny.

Frequently asked questions

See blogs and our A to Z of frequently asked questions.