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Meet the people you are helping

See why your work is so essential for our users

Being inclusive helps us all, whether we have accessibility needs or not. However, this page introduces you to some of the users you will particularly help with your work.

These user stories have been adapted and modified from the full web user stories from

Deepal, undergraduate with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia

Deepal is a student with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with dyslexia. Despite substantial difficulty reading, Deepal particularly enjoys literature class, and uses text-to-speech software to help navigate content.

Sam, Postgraduate who is colour blind

Sam is colourblind and encounters barriers when using websites. Sam has one of the most common visual disabilities that affect men: red and green color blindness. Sam cannot distinguish between the two, since both look brown.

Drew, LifeLong Learning student who is hard of hearing

Drew is 62 years old and has been hard of hearing since birth. Drew can hear some sounds, but not enough to understand speech. As a child, Drew learned sign language and during early school years learned written language. Drew is currently a student again and encounters barriers when video and other media content are not captioned.

Ilya, Academic member of staff who is blind

Ilya is blind and an academic staff member at Warwick, where we often use web-based documents and forms on our intranet. Ilya uses a screen reader and mobile phone to access the web.

Alex, Professional Services member of staff with repetitive stress injury

Alex has developed a repetitive strain injury that makes it painful to use a mouse and to type for extended periods of time. Alex uses a keyboard and voice recognition software to navigate websites.

Help Alex by:

Andy, grandparent with low vision, hand tremor, and mild short-term memory loss

Andy is an 80 year-old with reduced vision, hand-tremor, and mild memory loss. These are common age-related impairments. Andy's grandchildren are at university and rely on Andy as a guardian for support. Andy uses our website to access information to try and help them.

Help Andy by: