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Digital Team Blog

Thinking Visually

Visual thinking is not only a tool for designers, anyone can use it. Why not help increase your understanding, organise your thoughts and communicate a message clearly through drawing?

Author: Ron Warmington

How to get content right on websites

It takes more than content to create a website with great user experience. But content is the first element to get right before everything else.

Author: Tomi Oladepo

What is UX Design

UX stands for user experience design. But what does that mean, what does it have to do with tomato ketchup, and what difference does UX design make to the University?

Author: Louise Nangla

The importance of Technical SEO

Maybe it sounds boring, maybe it is, maybe you did not realize that it even has a name, but if you want to be on top of search engine results, you can’t avoid it. I introduce you to ranking’s best friend: Technical Search Engine Optimization.

Author: Edina Debreczeni