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The importance of Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Technical SEO and Mobile Friendly Website
Maybe it sounds boring, maybe it is, maybe you did not realize that it even has a name, but if you want to be on top of search engine results, you can’t avoid it. I introduce you to ranking’s best friend: Technical Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

The digital team puts great effort into creating engaging and useful content for our customers. However, it would be pretty ineffective if our audience never saw this content. First of all we need to reach the customers and make our content easy to find. That’s what SEO: Search Engine Optimization does.

Every website’s goal is to become the first result in a search engine (Google, Yahooo, Bing etc.) But how is it possible? With the help of SEO we can increase the number of visitors on a website by getting high-ranking placements on the search engine result page (SERP). It requires a really complex strategy and the first step of this journey is Technical SEO.

Technical SEO

The Technical Search Engine Optimization gives the foundation of the whole SEO strategy. Without this, search engines can barely find our websites. I gathered some elements of what Technical SEO is responsible for. With the help of Technical SEO:

  • The search engines are able to index the website. It means that the search engine can register the website among other result. If this is not happening there is no chance that anyone will find the website.
  • No need to wait for loading a page. What happens if it takes ages for a site to load? I am sure that no one will wait for it, rather moving on to the next result.
  • Your page should be mobile-friendly. There is a bigger probability that you are reading this article from a mobile device than from a desktop.
  • No broken links. How annoying when you click on a link and an error comes up?
  • No image issues. You need to make sure that even if your images can’t appear, you provide an alternative description with alt tags. Also important that an image has the optimal size from the point of view of speed.
  • No structure issues. You need to be consistent when you are building up the structure of content. Do not use headings randomly. Follow the order from the bigger parts to the smaller ones.

However, there are many more things what Technical SEO is responsible for (link building, site errors, duplicated content etc.) and these provide the wireframe for the whole SEO strategy.

In conclusion, next time you start to build your SEO strategy, make sure that everything is fine on the base level and create an appropriate Technical SEO strategy.

Author: Edina Debreczeni