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Web Design Criteria

As there is sometimes a genuine need to adapt and alter the University’s Digital Corporate Identity (CI), the following criteria have been created to show where and how this adaption can apply.

There are three basic situations:

  • Full Digital Corporate Identity

This is where the full and normal Digital CI applies. This is the design standard for usual digital operational and communications needs and applies in the majority of cases.

  • Joint branded/co-branded Identity

This is when the visual design needs to incorporate a third party identity (e.g. a joint venture). It is likely that funding or other contractual obligations will necessitate a co-branded identity. Warwick branding will need to work in relationship to a separate organisational CI, the hierarchy between logos, marques and colours will need to be agreed in writing between the two parties.

The Deputy Director of University Marketing, Ken Punter, will need to approve this scenario.

  • New, separate or distinct Identity

This will rarely apply. It will cover circumstances such as specific pilot projects, which are experimental and designed to understand and achieve exceptional outcomes. This scenario may also apply when Warwick is working within a project that is wholly or majority funded by a third party (e.g. the European Commission). The funding partner will have had to specify this scenario, in writing, within their funding criteria guidelines.

The Deputy Director of University Marketing will need to approve this scenario.

    For guidance and authorisation please contact the Deputy Director of University Marketing