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Big Screen Content Ideas

We want to be able to feature as broad a mix of content on the big screen as possible and will always be looking for new, fresh, engaging content to showcase on the screen. Please let us know what you would like to watch on the screen and what you would like to show others. If you would rather just email with specific queries, you can do this through bigscreen at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Static images for the big screen should only be used to support additional content and the use of static images will be limited on the screens. Images should be designed at the same size as digital signage requirements. Please refer to the digital signage content guideline for details.

What event or content would you like to suggest to appear on the big screen? This could be sports or events that will be screened on TV, a filmed production or a selection of videos to complement an event booked within the Piazza, SU or Rootes building, an interactive gaming tournament, a chance to showcase some material you have filmed or a game you have developed.
We plan events and content for all areas of the campus and will need to consider each booking within our schedule, existing commitments and activities and suitability. We cannot guarantee that each idea will be featured. All content will need to adhere to certain copyright and license restrictions and be suitable for an open audience.

What additional information can you tell us about this event / activity?

Please provide as much information as possible regarding the event / activity you would like to see shown on the big screen including any URLs or websites you have for reference.

Privacy notice
This data on this form will be used to send you the information you have requested. We will store the fact that you have requested the information and your contact details to receive the information and follow-up with the information you have given us, but we will not send you any information beyond that which you have requested, nor will we use the data for any other purpose.

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University’s Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. Please submit any data subject rights requests to or address any complaints or suspected breaches to the University’s Data Protection Officer at

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