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Digital Signage Content Guidelines

The campus digital screens are a great way to support your communications with a very visible and visually-focussed presence around campus. Keep them in mind whenever you have something you want to communicate - how could you make your content work on the screens as described below?

Requirements for screen graphics

All graphics for the landscape campus screens need to be 1390 x 770px, saved in jpg or png format. The graphics must not contain any copyrighted material that you do not have approval from the copyright holder to use. If you have any questions about copyright, please email

Please submit your slide at least 1 week in advance of when you’d like it to go up – unfortunately we may not be able to meet your deadline otherwise.

We like to have a diverse range of content up on the screens, but it may not always be possible to include all submissions. We will advise you on this, and suggest alternatives, if we can’t include.

Send your graphics to us at

Piazza big screen information

Creating graphics

Photoshop is a great editor, but if you don’t have it, the GIMP is a great free alternative, and is available on managed Windows 10 Desktops through the Software Centre.

5 ways to make a good screen graphic

1: Low Word Count

Use few words.

The Twitter limit of 280 characters (excluding URLs, email addresses and the like) is a good guide. You shouldn’t try to get across more than one message per screen - it's only up there for 20 seconds at a time.

Like this:

Not like this:

2: Clear Call to Action

Call to action: Assuming your slide isn’t just for information (which most aren’t), you should make the call to action clear and unambiguous.

Often the call to action comes in the form of a URL you’d like people to visit. This should be as short and memorable as possible – go.warwick is your friend. For example: There’s no need for “http://www.” if you do things right.

Like this:

Not like this:

3: Readable Text

Text should be big, because you don’t know how far away your viewer is going to be. We recommend 50pt as a minimum size.

Your text also needs to stand out clearly, so use colours that have high contrast (the most exteme being black and white).

Like this:

Not like this:

4: Generous Spacing

To keep things from looking cluttered, you need to keep different elements on your graphic spaced out from each other, and from the sides of the screen.

We recommend a roughly 50px gap between any text and the edge of the screen, and the same gap between any different elements on the screen.

Like this:

Not like this:

5: No Warwick Branding

You don’t need to include any Warwick branding on your graphic.

The screens are already displayed in a branded container. Remove any logos or keylines – they’re only taking up space and cluttering your screen.

Like this:

Not like this:

favourite spaces - the oculus

Autumn signage layout

Favourite spaces_the_piazza

Autumn signage layout