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OneLan Training Crib Sheet

To access the signage software, please visit and log in with your normal University account.

Once logged in, you'll see a number of tabs across the top, as below

ONELAN Digital signage tabs

Using these buttons is the easiest way to navigate around the system.


Media is where you can see all the content you've uploaded and have access to. You can also upload new content straight to the media library if you wish.


Files and Folders

The Files & Folders tab lets you navigate through the folders you have access to.

First, find the folder where you'd like to put your content. You now have two ways to upload content. Either drag it straight into the folder from your computer or select the 'Upload Files' tab and click 'Choose File'. Adding content via the 'Upload Files' method only allows to single items at a time. To upload multiple files, use the drag method.

ONELAN - Media library uploads

Please note, the system will rewrite any files that have the same name and sit within the same folder. Try to name your graphics something sensible.

ONELAN Files_folders_v2

Then click 'Upload File'. From here you can also choose to create a folder to put content in.

NB: If you've uploaded some content but it appears to have disappeared instantly, this may be because you've uploaded a file type that is not supported. Navigate to your media folder via Media > Files & Folders to reveal the piece of content in question and delete it from the system. All supported media types can be read in the User Guide, found under Help > User Guide.


Clicking the 'Playlists' button reveals all the playlists you have access to.

ONELAN Playlist
Now you can see your playlist and a few more tabs. Adding content to your playlist couldn't be easier. As with the Files & Folders tab you have two options.

  1. Simply drag your content straight in from your desktop
  2. Click the 'Files & Folders' tab. This will reveal all your media and you can simply click the 'Add' button next to the piece of content you want to put into your playlist.

Multiple files can be dragged in simultaneously, either placing them all in the playlist straight away or adding them all to your media folder and then adding each piece of content individually. You can also add an entire folder from within your media library if you'd like. This is useful if you have multiple slides that you want to attached the same scheduling information to.

The order you see the content in the playlist is the order in which it will play out. To reorder your playlist, simply drag the items into the position you want.

Next to each item in your playlist you'll see three buttons.

ONELAN Playlist buttons

The red cross deletes the item from the playlist (The item will still remain in your media folder). The middle button is to copy the item and the small pencil icon is to edit the item properties.

It's from within 'Editing the Item Properties' we can set the item duration as well as play out validities/ scheduling. You will also see some other, more advance, features which can be ignored for now. If you've added a folder to your playlist you can also adjust its playout properties in a similar way.


Channels work much like those on your TV. The broadcaster sends content down a channel (for example BBC One). This works in a similar way. Your content is sent down one of many channels leaving the CMS. Your digital screens are set up to be 'tuned into' whatever channel(s) you have access to and control. The difference here is that once the content is sent down the channel, it sits on the NTB (Net Top Box; think of this as your Sky box) until some newer content is sent to it by the CMS.

ONELAN Channels

In the event that an alteration you've just made to your playlist needs to be reflected on screen straight away you'll need to Publish the channel. For that, you'll need to access the Channels tab.

The easiest way to do this is to click the 'Publish Listed Channels' tab, highlighted below.

ONELAN - Publish listed channels

If this is not done, new content will be published automatically overnight.


For more advance features you can browse the help pages. Some features described here may not be visible, dependent on your user role. Speak to a member of the Signage team for further info.

For further advice on content, please visit our digital signage guidelines