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PLI Guide

If you have a group of signage screens, served by a single playlist, you can target certain content to play (or not play) on specific screens within that group.

For this example, we're going to take the Chemistry department. Chemistry have 3 screens, situated outside rooms B1.21, B2.01 and B5.14. On the whole, they want to send the same content to all three screens; so have just one playlist going to all of them. However, sometimes they want content to be targeted to specific screens. This can be done with PLI (Player Local Information).

What is PLI?

PLI is metadata we add to each screen, stating which group the screen belongs to and its specific location. Content can then be tagged with this data. You can set the behavior of the playback system in a variety of ways, which we'll go into more detail.

Every screen is given at least two bits of PLI data, each bit contains a name and a value. The value of the Name 'Group' denotes what group/ department/ building the screen(s) is in. The value of the Name 'Location_' denotes the specific physical location of the screen. Given below is our Chemistry example.



Note: Chemistry only has one group. Some departments can have multiple groups e.g. Accommodation has multiple locations (Bluebell, Arthur Vick etc) in each of these groups there are multiple screens. All the screens are served from one playlist, with folders targeted to specific groups (buildings). They also have the ability to target content to any specific screens, OR omit any specific screen or group of screens.

Chemistry B1.21
Chemistry B2.01
Chemistry B5.14

Adding PLI to specific content/Conditional Play

Within your playlist you'll have items of content. If you want this content to only play on a specific screen, we need to add a PLI rule onto it. Doing this is called giving it 'Conditional Play'. The easiest way to do this is via the 'Conditional Play View'.

For this example, I’ve got three items in my playlist and I want to target each to a separate screen in Chemistry.

Above shows what the playlist looks like with ‘Group’ selected. We don’t want to target a group; we want to target a specific screen so we’re going to select ‘Location_Chemistry’ from the drop down.

The drop down has all the available PLI Names on the system. Choose the one you want. Don’t worry, there’s no chance you could accidentally put your content on anyone else’s screens, even if you select their location.

So in this shot we can see we have the ‘Location_Chemistry’ PLI Name selected and our three Value options listed below. At the moment each graphic is set to ‘Always Play’. This is a play condition. We need to tell the system to only play those items when the screen contains ALL of the values you’re selecting.

You also have the option to add the conditions that it’ll play on screens containing ANY of the values you’re selecting, or NONE of the values you’re selecting.

For each image I’m going to select ‘Location_Chemistry’ contains ALL of

So now you can you have check boxes below each item. I want the first graphic to play on B1.21, the second on B2.01 and the third on B5.14.

This will work fine. The Conditional Play is telling the system to only play on screens that contain ALL of the value as checked.

Here we can see that the first graphic will only play on screens that contain ALL of the metadata (PLI) ‘Chemistry B1.21’.

Let’s have a look at what won’t work.

In the above example I’ve selected all three PLI values. The condition is being instructed to play on any screen that contains ALL of the values. This is impossible as a screen can only be in one physical location. So this graphic will not play at all.

Let’s have a look at the other conditions and what they do.

In the example above I still have all three values selected, but this time the condition is instructing the system to play on screens that contain ANY of the selected values. So to be valid, the screen only needs to contain one of those values.

What if you’ve got multiple screens and want an item to play on all the screens except one?

In the example above, the condition is telling the system to play the item on all screens that contain NONE of the values Chemistry B1.21. You can select multiple values here, it will just play out on those not selected.