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Digital Noticeboard Guidelines

screen visualDigital Noticeboard Guidelines

The portrait screens between the Arts Centre and Chaplaincy will be managed by the Students' Union who will schedule content onto the 6 portrait screens. These screens are free to advertise on and aim to help minimise flypostering in this area.

Register to access this service at: outdoorscreens at warwicksu dot com

For other portrait screens, please contact us and we will direct you to the local content manager.

Content Guidelines

The outline guidelines for the images below, are published for information. These guidelines will be developed and revised, please refer to this page for any updates and contact us with any queries.

Effective content

Too much information will clutter and confuse, to make your screen effective follow our simple guidelines:
  • Keep It Simple - Keep your words few and short; rewrite a few times to get it progressively more concise
  • Have one key message
  • Write in phrases rather than full sentences
  • Too much information will clutter and confuse
  • Have a clear call to action – short web address, twitter feed etc.

Graphic sizes

Graphics ready for publishing should be supplied as jpgs with the following sizes:

  • Ideal size: 1080px x 1527px @72 dpi (RGB)
  • Minimum size: 595px x 842px
  • This size is proportionate to A4.
Images can be emailed to outdoorscreens at warwicksu dot com or you can register to access the content management system and upload images direct to the gallery for publishing by the SU team by contacting the same email address.

Photoshop and other graphics programmes will give you the most flexibility to create a high impact screen but you can also create jpgs by using PowerPoint.

If creating graphics through PowerPoint, the page set up should be set to: 21.0cm x 29.7cm for portrait which will give you the correct size when saved as a jpg.

Recommended text size

  • Heading size 50 Arial
  • Text size 35 Arial
  • Call to action; 35pt bold


To keep the images legible, keep a high contrast between the background and any text. Do not put text over an image unless there is a dark, plain background.

Further help

Please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.