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Digital Screen Service

Digital screen with new branding

The digital signage scheme has been set up to provide an additional communications channel to showcase Warwick successes, activities, services and facilities. The screens feature a blend of content of news, events, success stories and information which we hope will be of interest to all students, staff and visitors.

Content featured on the screens will cover a wide range of activities and services across the campus. We are encouraging all areas of the university to come forward with content ideas that will be of interest to our wide audience.

For more information on providing content and guidelines, please refer to the following pages:

If you'd like to be involved, have a story you want to be featured or have any comments, questions or ideas on the static screens and video wall, please email us at: digitalsignage at warwick dot ac dot uk

Setting up new screens

The digital signage system is run as a collaboration between AV Services and Communications. AV services will advise on costs and timings for the installation of any new screens required.

To run the digital signage scheme will require the following:

  • DMP player This hardware drives the content to the screens. A small box will be securely fitted behind the screen and link up to the University wide system. The current cost of these is £600 per unit. Please note that AV Services are currently reviewing the hardware used across digital signage.
  • LED screen To run the Digitial Signage system, the minimum size of screen required is 42" for legibility of content. The size of the screen will depend on the location and individual requirements. We have a number of departments who are utilising older, existing screens with the signage system as a short term solution. Costs for new screens start at £470 but vary with size requirements and expected usage. All screens are covered by a 3 year warranty.
  • Each screen running the digital signage system will require power and network ports and additional costs may be involved from ITS and Estates to run building checks (Asbestos checks and power installation) and install network ports and cabling.
  • Additional elements such as wall brackets and installation will also be quoted by AV Services.

The content is run by a browser based content management system. The digital signage team will set up and train new users on this system which requires no technical skills and has no license fees.