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Social Media for Personal Use

On this page, you can read through our advice and best practice for using personal social media accounts, whether you’re looking to increase your online presence or stay safe online. Remember that when it comes to personal accounts you are responsible and accountable for them.

Your views are your own

It’s a good idea to put a disclaimer on your profile, stating that your views are your own and not necessarily those of the University. This makes it clear that your account is a personal one, otherwise it can be misconstrued as representative of your employer or institution.

Think before you post or share

The best thing you can do before you press ‘Post’ is to take a breath and check what you’ve written; would you say what you’ve written to someone in person?

Online history and employability

Keep in mind that employers, current and future, may check your social media presence. What you say online stays online, so be sure to check before you post or share.

Stay safe

Be mindful of sharing personal information with users you do not know. For more information and advice on keeping yourself and others safe online, visit: 

Privacy settings

Check your privacy settings, as making your personal information publicly available, particularly location-based posts, can leave you susceptible to identity fraud and possible burglaries.

Cyberspace conduct

We are committed to ensuring a working and learning environment in which all University members (staff and students) are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

The Dignity at Warwick Policy outlines unacceptable behaviours, including Cyber Bullying and the use of social networking sites, and the process on reporting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

Our Wellbeing Support Services team also provide a range of support.